Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Kids In Studio City

More farmer’s market fun!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was among the famous faces at the farmer’s market in Studio City, California this weekend (August 19). The former Saved by the Bell star had his kids Michael and Ava in tow as he picked up a few goodies to bring home.

Congratulations are in order for the dad-of-two: He and his girlfriend, advertising executive Catriona McGinn, tied the knot last month. The pair exchanged their “I Dos” at the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez.

It sounds as though Mark-Paul had a lot of say in the wedding planning: “I’m too type-A to let it happen around me,” he told People shortly before the big day. “We’re trying to make it as traditional as possible. It’s going to be fun!”


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      • Bianca- his ex-wife has dark brown hair, dark eyes and olive skin from what I can see this little girl looks alot like her mom. Dont think call to Maury should be necessary.

  1. Mark-Paul and his ex wife are both half asian which explains his daughter’s looks. Michael is a lot like Mark-Paul when he was young and Ava looks just like Lisa.

  2. Not like it matters, but Mark-Paul is not half Asian. His mother is Dutch-Indonesian which makes him part Indonesian NOT half. By the way had no idea his ex-wife was also part Asian. Are you sure about that?

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