Nick Lachey: It Was A Big Moment For Me When We Found Out It Was A Boy

As Nick Lachey prepares to participate in NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes, he is also preparing for the arrival of his baby boy in September with wife Vanessa. In a recent interview with, the former 98 Degrees singer – who claims that his “only golden rule of pregnancy is that [his] pregnant wife is always right” – opens up about the best moments of pregnancy, a piece of sage advice he’s received and the moment he realized he was going to be a father.

On the best moments of pregnancy: “Oh man … it’s so hard. To be honest, when we found out it was a boy, that was a big moment for me as a dad. But it’s so hard to pick just one moment. The first time we saw him in a sonogram—that was awesome. When we found out he was healthy and everything looks good … every step of the way it feels like it’s a new peak and it culminates in meeting him in person. it’s been a very smooth ride so far. We haven’t had any issues, thankfully, and I think I have been a fairly attentive husband, so we’re doing good. I haven’t blown it yet [laughs]… Could happen at any moment.”

On the best parenting advice he ever received: “Sleep. Get all your sleep in now. I’ll be honest—one of the best things we did was take a babymoon, as they’re calling it. Get away one last time during her second trimester, while she’s feeling good. Remember your relationship because pretty soon it becomes a lot about the baby. So, it’s good to take a moment and remember your relationship and what got you there, if you will. It’s been so much fun.”

On the moment when everything started sinking in: “All the gifts started arriving to the house and you have to assemble everything. It’s like, ‘Wow! This is really happening.’ And then you start to see your wife’s body start to change in ways you never thought you would see it change and it becomes clear that this is all happening right now. In the beginning you think, we have eight or nine months—we’ll get everything done, no problem. And now, with a month and a half out, we’re like, ‘we haven’t done this … we haven’t done that…’ It’s gone a lot quicker than I thought it would.”

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  1. Why would it be a big moment for him to find out it was a boy? The big moment should be when/if he finds out the baby is healthy and stop focusing on the gender. Some people are such idiots.

    • Finding out the gender is a big deal because the baby stops being an It, and begins being their little boy or girl. It makes it more real and personal. He didn’t mean that he was excited because the baby was a boy rather than a girl, he meant that it was exciting because all of a sudden the whole thing seems more real and concrete. It’s important to read things in context, and you aren’t.

    • You win the most ridiculous comment of the day award.

      People are ALLOWED to be excited when the moment they find out it’s a boy! Or a girl! Or twins! Or whatever!

      You are the only moron alive who would try to put someone down for being excited about their child.

  2. He never said or implied that the sex of the baby was more important than health. He didn’t even say that he was glad that it was a boy rather than a girl. He just said that finding out it was a boy was exciting.

    I don’t especially like this celebrity couple, but I think your criticism of his comment is a little over the top…

  3. Happy for Nick, i’ve like him since his reality show with Jessica.. Always seemed sweet and really down to earth. He seems like hes gonna be a great dad 🙂

  4. Anonymous01 – are you a f@cking idiot? You must be. He clearly says when he found out it was a BOY, that was a big moment for him. He’s obviously excited to be having a boy. He should have been just as excited to be having a girl or a healthy child. Go play with your crayons, moron.

    • He said he was excited when he found out it was a BOY because it is a BOY, if he were having a GIRL he would say he was excited when he found out it was a GIRL.
      he was excited to find out the gender, which happens to be a BOY.
      you really need to get out in society more, you are the only moron here.

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