Uma Thurman Takes Daughter For A Doctor’s Visit

Uma Thurman took her newborn daughter for a checkup at the doctor’s office in New York City on Monday (August 20). The nanny carried the baby – who was covered in a muslin blanket. Levon, 10, also came along for the outing.

Nice that he can spend time with his little sister before school starts!

The actress has not revealed the baby’s name publicly yet. She was born on July 15. Uma and Arpad Busson called off their engagement in 2009, but reunited last year.

A source said, “Uma was definitely not planning on having another kid. It was a surprise. But she’s over the moon about it, very excited.”



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  1. Full-time nanny to carry the baby, driver at your whim
    …enough already with the hot mess look! Could she comb her hair at least?

    • Has it ever occurred to your feeble little mind that she CAN’T lift the baby?

      Or asked the nanny to carry her because that’s her freaking job?

      Jealous much?

      • FYI she been photograph more then once holding her baby, so you sound silly with that comment of her not being able to hold her baby.

        • I disagree. There’s nothing silly about it. The people on this site who view 10 seconds of a celebrity’s life think they have free reign to judge and ridicule every single thing they do. It’s about time someone stood up to them and made them look like the non-thinking fools they are.

    • ok so i don’t want to sound like a broken record but who cares? I am sure that is you had her money you would have a driver (which isn’t that uncommon anyway) and a nanny…
      I’ve only just started looking at this site but seriously what is with all the comments “why does she need a nanny?” and “can’t she go anywhere without a nanny!”. I think we can firmly establish that yes celebrities have nannies and yes they do use them a lot. Having a nanny doesn’t mean that a celebrity isn’t a good parent, they are just there to help. I would have one for sure!

      Not an attack on the original poster, just a general reply to all the nanny posts 🙂

  2. UMA’s not taking the baby anywhere, the nanny is lol.. This pic is a MESS! Uma could’ve stayed at home, she wont even carry her own paycheck, i mean baby!

  3. Can’t carry the baby??? Tons of pictures in the press with her carrying the baby!!
    Jealous of which part of this mess??

  4. Maybe she figured the paps wouldn’t hound the nanny with the baby as much as they would is she (Uma) was carrying her. In the pictures (I think from this site) from the last time she was out with the baby, the paps were hounding her so bad that she (Uma) almost tripped trying to get away from them. It sad that the paps feel like they should threaten famous peoples’ comforts zones in order to get a few pics! (Yes I come to these sites. I like seeing the pictures. But not if I know they’re gotten in that fashion!)

    • There could be 100 reasons why the nanny is holding the baby (not the least of which is that it’s her JOB). The point is, who cares? Who wants to sit around all day wondering why Uma Thurman has a nanny?!??! How crazy!!!

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