Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry’s Custody Battle Continues

Au revior France?

As the bitter custody battle between Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry continues, judges are said to be leaning against Halle’s petition to move Nahla to France, Radar Online reports.

The Monster’s Ball actress – who is now engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez – recently enlisted the help of fellow celeb mom Salma Hayek in hopes of moving their 4-year-old daughter to France.

According to the website, the child custody report states that Nahla “shouldn’t be separated from her father,” and that will be a big factor for the judge to consider when making his decision.

“The child custody report makes it perfectly clear that any move that would remove Gabriel from being an active presence in Nahla’s life will be bad for the little girl,” a source said. “Furthermore, the report says that Nahla shouldn’t be separated from her father. Gabriel is Nahla’s father, and he is a huge part of his life.”

The source added: “The child custody report takes both Halle and Gabriel to task for not being able to put aside their personal issues for the sake of their little girl. The evaluator also expressed concerns about this being Halle’s third marriage to French actor and citizen, Olivier Martinez. Olivier and Nahla have a very close relationship, and he truly adores the little girl.”

Halle is claiming that France will be a safer place for Nahla to be raised due to its tougher paparazzi laws.

This is the latest twist in the ongoing war between Halle and Gabriel. During their custody battle over Nahla, there have been allegations of abuse, a custody evaluation report, and child support payment court orders.


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  1. “judges are said to be leaning against Halle’s petition to move Nahla to France”

    I don’t think anyone should move their children away from their father, but really? Someone thinks they KNOW which way the judge is leaning? Alrighty then….

  2. The Judges appear to see that this isn’t about Nahla at all. It’s about Halle and following her man to France. It has nothing to do at all about Nahla’s safety. It is about Halle putting Halle first so she can be with Martinez. In other words, the man comes before the child. I suspect the Judges have figured this one out.

    • So glad we have someone on this website who knows all the details about who, what, where and why these people do what they do. Thank goodness for yoU!

  3. I really wonder what would happen if Gabriel decides to move to France. It’s hard to believe Halle is doing this for Nahla and her “safety” when we all know Olivier lives in France. She would’ve moved from L.A. a long time ago before the breakup if paparazzi were really her concern.

    • She will find another reason as to why Gabriel shouldn’t be in Nahla life. Like she done in the past every time the judge shouts down her reason to keep Nahla away from her father she comes up with another reason.

  4. I hope it all ends in the best interest of Nahla as for Mama Halle this must be her only child she is a bad mother. Period!
    As for Oliveir he is aslo a selfish husband they both thinking about themselves how disgusting .

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