NeNe Leakes Introduces Granddaughter

Meet NeNe Leakes‘ granddaughter Bri’asia Bryant!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 44, opens up to In Touch about being called “Grandma” — and her shock when she discovered that her 22-year-old son, Bryson, was secretly expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Ashley Hill, 21.

“I only found out about everything because I ran into Ashley when she was more than six months along,” the reality TV star tells the mag. “I said, ‘You look pregnant.’ And she said, ‘Hasn’t Bryson told you?’ But he hadn’t because he knew that I wouldn’t approve of him having a child so young.”

She adds: “I didn’t feel like he was ready for such a big responsibility. I was his age when I had him, so I know how tough it is. I didn’t want him to make the same mistakes that I did. I needed to let it sink in.”

However, once baby Bri’asia Bryant was born in mid-June, NeNe was in full-on Grandma mode. “I always wanted to have a girl,” she says, “and now I have one! She’s just adorable.”

And it sounds like the young parents won’t have any financial worries.

“I paid for everything in the nursery: the clothing, the diapers. I don’t want her to feel strapped,” she says. And NeNe adds she’s gone completely “crazy” buying gifts for the baby, including “little dresses, sparkly headbands, and Gucci shoes … We just love her,” the proud Grandma gushes.

Although at first she was not thrilled about being called “Grandma,” the 44-year-old reality star has now embraces the name. “Forty is the new 30. I’m a sassy, fashion-forward Grandma!”


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  1. Is Bryson her youngest son? If so then I bet she was not happy! Judging by the way she treated him on the show. Such a cute baby!

    • I absolutely agree. Way to go, saddling your kid with a non-name that she will forever have to spell and which will forever label her GHETTO.

      • “Anonymous,” that is a racist comment that is unnecessary. What you are saying is that it is okay to discriminate against a person based on their name. So if a person has a creative name, they are “ghetto” regardless of if they come from a good home or not?? You are stupid.

        • Bri’Asia is not ‘creative’, it’s dumb. Anyone could jumble together any combination of letter and slap that name on their child. How about Jell’obowl? Do you like T’Pain? Or how about Fe-mally?

          It’s called ghetto because the VAST MAJORITY of these ridiculous names are forced onto African American kids. It’s not racist, it’s FACT.

          (The kid isn’t the one who should be ashamed, the parent should be. Disgusting.)

      • this is really not called for the comment that was made naming her Julie will not make a difference that baby destiny is in God’s hand not man

  2. Nene looks great and the baby is adorable! Side note-I coudn’t help but notice the picture of Kourtney on the cover of InTouch-Anyone notice that’s the same picture of her and Mason when he was a baby…they just changed the color of the outfit to pink!

  3. She wouldn’t approve of him having a child at the same exact age that SHE had a child?

    If your son never tells you that he’s having a child, that says VOLUMES about your relationship with him. How bad a mother do you have to be for THAT to happen?

  4. So, I completely agree, Bri’asia is a horrilble name and also “ghetto”, but I’m a little confused…why is it not ok for people to say certain babies are unattractive, but we can say a nam eis “ghetto” (which is pretty racist btw) and tons of people will “like” that comment. It all seems pretty hypocritical.

    • That name would be ghetto whether a white person or black person used it. It’s ok to say anything you want here, it’s a comment section.

  5. She, her son, and the baby are all ghetto. Just look at their behavior and listen to the way thy talk. Yeah, great going for perpetuating out-of-wedlock kids that the rest of America will probably end of aing to support!

    • What about the White girls & ladys having baby’s out of wed-lock? Hell we pay for them 2! Right?
      Nene Loooooks great an So does her beautiful new granddaughter.
      Cngrad.Bryson, Nene
      You R the one whom r Ghetto ! Judge!!!!!!

  6. They are not teenagers they are adults. One. Two. Remiray I hope you posted the same comment when Sarah Palin’s daughter got knocked up. Three, marriage is a beautiful thing. Just ask John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, and half of the conservative republican party wives and mistresses how sacred they hold marriage. Hippocrates. Do you know where your husband? Anonymous, your a coward. Go to church so you learn not judge. If not shut up and look in the mirror.

  7. Yup. you can definitely say what you want on these blog’s. but as life has proven to me most people dare not speak their. truth. outloud . shout out to nene celebrating. her grandbaby entrance into this very messed up world

  8. Your illegitimate granddaughter is cute, but I just read where you went off and had an ugly meltdown on a fan simply because he asked for a pic screaming at him in a furniture store. You are not all that and how in the h… Do u think u have anything if not for the fans.that is dumb thing to do to ppl who support u and help make you so “rich”, as you like to proclaim. Whole thing ghetto.

  9. Oh, for the love of crap! It don’t matter if they parents are married or not. Get over it. Besides, if you all think about it, it really should not matter to us. Because, if you all think bout it we have known people who have kids out of wed-lock. Why are people judging about the baby’s name? It’s not your kids’ name. Get over it. Grow up!

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