Nicole Eggert & Her Adorable Jogging Buddy

Former Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert, 40, was spotted jogging while pushing her youngest daughter Keegan, 1, in her stroller in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (August 22).

The Celebrity Fit Club star – who is also mother to teenage daughter Dilan – shared the below snap shot on her Twitter page of her adorable daughter enjoying a sunny day at the beach.

Nicole once spoke about her decision to participate in the  2010 Celebrity Fit Club television series alongside father-of-five Kevin Federline and Bobby Brown.

“I was featured in some of the tabloid magazines as having gained weight and it was sort of an eye opening, horrid experience for me,” she reveals. “When the offer came through I felt like: A – It put a lot of pressure on me and, B – It would get me out of the house and get me working. A lot of my weight gain was being depressed and being home.”


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  1. She’s lookin good! I can tell she’s losing weight since the last time I’ve seen pics of her out exercising. Good for her!

  2. She’s working hard and showing a lot of determination to do this in the face of lots of crappy publicity. You can see a real difference, too. Good for her.

  3. Good for her! Her waist has definitely slimmed down a lot since the last pictures a few months ago. She looks strong. We women should applaud one another for our successes instead of putting one another down.

  4. She’s really putting in work. You can see such a difference. I hope she doesn’t feel pressured by the publicity, though, I’m sure she has been impacted by it.

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