Reese Witherspoon Is Back In Hospital After Pregnancy Complications

(UPDATE: It turns out that Reese Witherspoon is reportedly “fine” after two days of baby drama at the hospital. A source told E! News, “The visit is a normal thing for a lot of pregnant women and there is no drama. All parties involved are healthy and fine.” Glad to know everything is OK!)

Reese Witherspoon is currently back in a Los Angeles hospital after initially being admitted for pregnancy complications on Tuesday evening. She was released that day but was taken to the hospital again on Wednesday. reports the actress is resting and keeping put this time under the doctor’s request.

A source said, “Doctors are keen on keeping her from going into an early labor so the baby’s development will go to full term. Reese’s husband Jim hasn’t left her side and he doesn’t plan to.”

The source added, “Jim is really worried about the baby. He’s a first-time father so this is all really new to him and he just wants everything to be okay. He’s a bundle of nerves. Meanwhile, this will be Reese’s third child, so she’s been through this before and she’s trying to keep him calm.

Unless she goes into labor, Reese will remain in the hospital under the watchful eye of the doctors.”

Reese’s due date is sometime in early September. The couple have not revealed whether they are having a boy or a girl.



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  1. E!Online already debunked this yesterday, and I trust them more than I do RadarOnline:

    Reese Witherspoon’s pregnancy is bumpin’ right along.

    Everything is fine and there’s nothing to report, a source assured E! News in response to, well, a report that the Oscar winner was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital last night and again today because she was experiencing complications.

    “The visit is a normal thing for a lot of pregnant women and there is no drama,” the insider added. “All parties involved are healthy and fine.”

    And A) Radar itself says she’s due at the beginning of September – That’s two weeks away! It’s not early at all.

    B) Thus, she’s already full term.

    C) You don’t sedate somebody to stop them from going into labor! It doesn’t work that way.

    She might have had a false alarm or something, but that’s about all I’ll believe.

  2. Well it isn’t like she’s as young as when she had the others. She is still child-bearing age but the older a woman is -the more complications are likely. eg high blood pressure. Two weeks early is nothing these days!

      • technically, 35+ is “advanced maternal age”, however – she is right there. it’s not like she’s 10+ years older. but still, advanced maternal age CAN bring complications that she wouldn’t have had with her first two.

        that being said, none of us know reese’s exact medical situation. she could have high blood pressure or some other complication that just has to be closely monitored.

        also – i would just like to point out that “full term”, does not always mean ready. my daughter was born technically “full term” at 37.5 weeks. she had to be in the NICU for 5 days because of her breathing. and she was right below 6 pounds. so whether she’s 38 weeks or not, or advanced maternal age or not, her pregnancy can have it’s own set of complications and/or worried that are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

        seriously, i wish people would treat pregnancy and celebrities the way they did in the old days. there wasn’t a bunch of media attention or speculation. it was a lot more respectful and in my opinion, the way things should be.

  3. @Anonymous actually advanced maternal age is anytime after 35 so yes Reese is in that catagory at 36. the doctors are being so cautious that’s all the tabs need to stop making drama where there is none a 2 weeks early isn’t premature and both of Reese’s older kids arrived before their scheduled due dates and have no issues because of it

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