Scott Disick Leaves Mason In A Hot Car With Windows Up

Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly mad at Scott Disick for leaving their 2-year-old son Mason in his Mercedes SUV with the windows up. According to the National Enquirer – Scott took the tot to have lunch in Calabasas, Calif. on August 10 and then drove to a street-corner newsstand to browse magazines.

An eyewitness said, “He was out of the car for at least five minutes and should have never left his son alone! The car was parked in the hot sun with the boy alone in the back. The car was not running, so the air conditioner wasn’t on, and the windows were rolled up.”

The temperature was as high as 107 degrees.

A newsstand employee who knew Scott as a regular customer – confirmed the details of the eyewit­ness and revealed, “Scott ended up buying a boating magazine.”

A family insider said Kourtney flew into a rage when she heard about the incident.

“All she could think about is that Mason could have died. She read Scott the riot act, and so did her sisters Kim and Khloe,” the source added. “They don’t want Scott taking the kids anywhere now unless someone is with him.”


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  1. And instead of approaching Scott to tell him to take his son out of the boiling car, the eyewitness runs to the next crappy tabloid mag. How classy! That’s failure to render assistance.

  2. Somehow I just knew that CBS would follow up on this story after PP ripped into them about posting something that was purely speculation. On that note, if this story is true then it definitely was extremely irresponsible of Scott to leave Mason like that. There is no reason that he couldn’t have just carried him and at the very least left every window down in the car if he was really going to be right back. The keys should never ever be left in the car with a child, they are smarter than most realize and they love to imitate mom and dad driving the car. That could be a disaster.

  3. BFD; he was like 10-15 feet away for a few minutes. Just the same amount of time it takes to pump gas. Mason dying? really? Not worth “flying into a Rage” over. sheesh

    • Well I finally found the time to chk on replies; and guess what? Hundreds of thousands of people are at a mass funeral for those who were shot down at a job site for mining platinum in SouthAfrica. They wanted better wages; which from my observation; would still be about $8US an hour…oh hey! Aren’t Masons shoes ADORABLE?!?!

      • Jennifer-Thanks to your post I looked up situation in South Africa miners’ strike and can’t believe US main stream media is not picking it up that much. My thoughts and prayers and with those striking miners, the 34 deceased miners and their families. Apartheid may be gone but discrimination still continues. And yes Mason shoes are adorable.

  4. I dont think Scott is the sharpest tack in the box but I dont believe this story not because it is in enquirer but because there was no photos. If there was an eyewitness why didnt they talk a few pictures with their camera phone. Almost everyone I know has a phone with ability to take pictures.

  5. The reason it’s not believable is that their are paparazzi photos of him the very day this was supposed to have happened. Are you telling me the paps took a photo of them walking, but not of the kid in the car alone? I highly doubt it.

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