David Charvet & Kids: Santa Monica Scooters

David Charvet took Neriah, 12, Sierra, 10, Rain, 5, and Shaya, 4, scooting in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (August 23). Mom and wife Brooke Burke didn’t join them.

She did imply on her Twitter page she was under the weather. She wrote: “Omg, I have the best girlfriends!!!! dbl tall non fat extra hot latte on its way…Yes I still need my coffee even on a sick day.”

However she must have felt better hours later for she added, “Just finished a delicious Italian dinner. I’m reading to my kid’s, trying to knock out a few of my 10 yr old’s required reading list chpts”

The Dancing with the Stars co-host and David married in St. Barts last year.

Brooke had blogged, “We started talking about why to do it at this point in our relationship. Do you want forever?’ David asked. ‘Yes, I need forever,’ I said. It was just that simple. I would like to have a husband.”


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  1. I wish parents would pay attention to the proper use of safety helmets. They need to cover the forehead, not sit on the back of the head. They are halfway there, with the children having them – now just read the instructions, please!

  2. Helmets are a must when riding scooters and/or bikes and parents are the ones to set the rules. No helmet, no riding. Making it more appealing to the kids are the Fohawx to put on top of their helmets, so cool. Please keep your children protected from head injuries.

    • Jo – thanks for asking:) – the kids are on the Maxi Scooter and David is on the Kickboard Monster. They are made by Swiss company Micro Mobility but are sold through Kickboard USA http://www.kickboardusa.com. The Maxi is definitely the best scooter for kids their age, up to about 11 and for adults there are 2 great kickboards…the Kickboard Original (with thinner wheels), and the Kickboard Monster, with the fat wheels – fun for cruising en famille! Kickboard USA is running a contest at the moment, check it out on Kickboard USA Facebook.

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