Zuma Rossdale: Having A Gas!

Zuma Rossdale and his nanny went to pump gas in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Thursday (August 23). Wearing a black bat costume – he was lifted up to place the nozzle back into place. He clearly saved the day!

Zuma just turned 4 on Tuesday and was seen with mom Gwen Stefani shopping at a party store. Superhero balloons were bought which is no surprise since he’s always sporting costumes like Spider-man and Batman.

Gwen – who is promoting the new No Doubt album Push and Shove – recently explained to Vulture why it took so long to get ready to do a new band record.

She said, “As soon as I was done with that last [solo] tour, I was done. I was like, Okay, I’m ready; I’m so ready for the No Doubt record. And then I got pregnant with Zuma [her youngest son], and it was really challenging to be pregnant and come off all the stuff I had done, and try to write. And that’s why things got really delayed; it was like, impossible. I just couldn’t do it; I had nothing left to give. And when I finally had [Zuma], we said, “Let’s just go on tour and try to get inspired.” And when we came off tour we wrote our first song.”




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  1. Am I the only one who found it odd that kid is out of car at gas pump?? Is it really necessary for the NANNY to let him do that? If I was parent I would be upset.

      • Actually a child shouldn’t be out pumping gas for 1 there is a good chance of gas flying back out and getting the child in the eye, it’s happen to me when I was about his age and the parent or who ever is in charge of the child when it happens can get in trouble He is at the height level to were gas can easily fly into his eye!

    • Wholeheartedly agree – as any parent or anyone with commonsense should.

      This particular nanny has been with them for a while so hopefully this was an isolated incident. Gwen is with her a lot when she is out with the kids so hopefully she has seen a high level of competence in other areas.

  2. I see so many almost car accidents in gas stations. I have actually seen a young child standing by gas pumps get tapped by car pulling in. I still say gas pump area is no place for a kid.

  3. There is a reason there are disclaimers at gas pumps that say no children. He’s at eye-level with the pump. This is very dangerous.

  4. I am very thankful other parents feel the same way I do. It was a bit surprised on Friday (day of original comment) that some many people were giving me the thumbs down. I thought maybe I was being old fashion or something. Unfortunately the american family is changing and now the kids are king and parents and/or care givers never want to tell their kids NO.

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