January Jones & Xander: Target Twosome

January Jones took 11-month-old son Xander on a shopping trip to Target on Wednesday (August 22). In the store the Mad Men star carried her little one who wore a green top. She had on a darker shade of green jeans.

The actress has a new man in her life. It’s Noah Miller – one of the directors of the upcoming film Sweetwater.

A source told Life & Style, “They met on the set of the film Sweetwater. January’s one of the stars, and Noah’s co-directing with his twin brother, Logan.”

January has never revealed who Xander’s biological father is. Past boyfriends include Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban and Jason Sudeikis – whom she split from in January 2011.



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  1. Such a cute kid. I swear the father must be Jason sudeikis. Xander looks just like him. Also the timing of conception would show that January and Jason were together in December/January which is around 9 months before he was born. Does anyone else think this?

    • I am pretty sure thats who the Dad is but at the same time I really like Jason but he doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who wouldn’t be in his sons life so maybe he is but just not publicly. Weird though that neither of them have put it out there if he has a part in Xander’s life.

      • I agree not with who the kid looks like but about Jason not being the type to not be in his son’s life. I saw him on “Who Do You Think You Are?” and his grandfather abandoned his father and they showed his father and him and his siblings talking about how they would never do that. ( I dont remember verbatim but you can watch online if interested)

  2. Xander looks just like Matthew Vaughn, January probably cheated on Jason while filming X-Men First Class. That would explain why the director flew the coop right before the premier, never participated in the cast-crew interviews shortly after her pregnancy announcement, and has since been basically out of sight. Also, probably why she and Jason broke up so close to all these events happening. Maybe she doesn’t know with certainty if he’s Matthew or Jason’s son, but the physical resemblance to Matthew Vaughn is undeniable.
    Cute baby.

    • Yes I agree, the resemblance to Matthew Vaughn is uncanny. I don’t see Jason there at all (I could be wrong but if I had to put money on a hunch I’d say daddy was MV).
      Xander is a cutie

  3. I agree with a previous poster. This is lame reporting!! “Her little one wore a green top. She had on a darker shade of green jeans.” We can see…

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