Julie Bowen Is A Farmer’s Market Mom

Funny mom Julie Bowen paid another visit to the local farmer’s market in Studio City, California this weekend with her husband Scott Phillips and their beautiful boys Oliver, 5, and Gus and John, 3 (August 26).

The Modern Family star cuddled her kids as the family enjoyed the sunny day, collecting their goodies in an over-sized Sesame Street bag.

Though Julie is known for being upfront and honest – hilariously so, at times! – about the challenges of motherhood, she recently revealed that she is loving the stage her boys are at now, telling Capitol File magazine, “The boys are finally at an age where I find them so luscious and fantastic that I don’t want to be away if I don’t have to be if. It’s such a gift to not to feel the pressure to go hunting down a job right now. I’m just lucky as hell.”

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