Kelsey Grammer & Kids Are A Beverly Hills Bunch

Boss star Kelsey Grammer was spotted strolling with his two children Mason, 10, and Jude, 7, while pushing his newest addition, daughter Faith, in Beverly Hills, Calif. on (Saturday) August 25.

Kelsey and his wife Kayte Walsh appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter Sunday and opened up about the awkward transition Kayte had to make as Kelsey wrapped up his turbulent marriage to ex-wife Camille Grammer (the mother of Mason and Jude).

“Had you known that it was going to be as public and as much vitriol,” Oprah asks Kayte, “Would you still have stepped into this?”

“It’s OK to say you’re not sure,” Kelsey interjects although Kayte was swift in her answer, saying she would have gotten involved with the veteran actor “because I love him.”

As far as first time motherhood goes, Kayte tells Oprah that “motherhood feels great … she’s a really good baby.”


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  1. WOW! This is a GREAT pic to see, I would love to be wrong about Kelsey lol.. both kids look IDENTICAL to Cammille, thats hilarious.

  2. Kids look so unhappy, while Kelsey seems completely out of touch with them. Notice how his daughter is standing far back, and arms crossed. And in each photo series, his son seems to back farther and farther away from him, until he is next to his sister.

      • Or maybe she is ashamed to have Kelsey as her dad. Kelsey is oblivious to his kids unhappiness, while he smiles away for the cameras. He is completely out of touch!

        • Wow, let’s call the FBI, we have the next Patrick Jane with us.

          Did Kelsey Grammer killed your cat with his car or took the last cupcake at the bakery? It’s alright, you can tell us, you’ll feel better after

        • Or maybe she just had a fight with her best friend? Or maybe she just ate some bad chicken? Or maybe her dad wouldn’t buy her the iPhone she wanted? Or maybe her brother just punched her in the head?

          Why do people speculate on things that they CANNOT possibly know anything about?

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