Mayim Bialik: I Used Natural Labor Techniques After Accident

The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik got seriously banged up in a recent car accident. And the mom to sons Fred, 4, and Miles, 6½, says she relied on techniques used in natural child birth to handle the pain in her injured hand.

“[I used] a lot of deep breathing,” she tells Access Hollywood. “Everything I used for natural labor, I absolutely used at the scene of this accident.”

Bialik, 36, says she is in pain, but the experience “really reaffirmed my faith in pain with a purpose and the meditative properties, the ability to lower your blood pressure, which women do in labor. It absolutely is what I used to get me through all stages of this [experience].”

The Blossom alum – who isn’t taking any prescription pain medication – also drew strength from motherhood after the accident.

“I remember I thought, I’m a mom, this is not happening. I have kids waiting for me. It’s my son’s birthday – and it was. That was my first thought.”

Thankfully, she’s doing well and already planning ahead for awards season.

“All the fingers move. They work,” she said. “We can get this whole contraption in black for Emmy night. That’s really what’s important, right?”


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  1. Useful on so many levels. I used it when I was getting chemo. The mind is powerful – good not to rely so much on medications.

  2. I was so relieved to hear that Mayim is OK. I was actually quite worried about her & her family after I heard about the accident. Also it is cool that the techniques learned for natural childbirth have stuck with her and proved useful once again.

  3. I used mindfullness during my recovery from my ankle broken in three places, i have no limp , no pain, and i took no meds

  4. Good for her. I am tired of people acting like pain meds are the enemy and people who take them are weak. I was severely injured by a drunk driver, I guess I should have done “deep breathing” to deal with my 2nd and 3rd degree burns, internal injuries/bleeding, etc. Emmy season is totally important.. Obviously she wasn’t too “banged up” to make the Emmys and worry about that while I spent over a month in the ICU then another month in rehab learning how to walk again ? Maybe I should have done deep breathing.

  5. Anonymous, why not use a name instead of hiding behind your computer. It’s people like you that sit back and judge others for things like using pain medication and who say that Natural is the only way go with child birth and everything else is wrong or a failure.

    It’s a farce and the attitude that only those who follow their way of thinking are right and to those that don’t homebirth naturally med free and baby wear til their children are teenagers then thier children will end up sociopaths, autistic, etc. And oh my, if you vaccinate, let’s not get started.

    • There. I used a name. Happy?

      Are you freaking kidding me? You think because your post says “Jenn” that it somehow IDENTIFIES you?

      You crack me up, idiot.

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