Tracy Anderson Loses Baby Weight In 6 Weeks

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson welcomed her second child, daughter Penelope, six weeks ago. The fitness guru – who has been credited for sculpting Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna into “momshells” – is revealing her own rapid postpartum weight loss.

“A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that’s the worst thing,” Tracy tells DuJour magazine, revealing she’s already lost her baby weight.

“I’ve seen so many women who come to me right after (having children) with disaster bodies that have gone through hell, or they come to me years later and say, ‘Oh, my body is like this because I had three kids.’”

The former dancer says she put on 30 pounds during pregnancy by avoiding overeating and regularly working out. She struggled to slim down after giving birth to son Sam in 1988 after gaining 60 pounds on a steady diet of milkshakes and hot dogs.

“I feel like I’ve lived an entire lifetime since then,” she shares. “For 13 years I’ve been jumping around, dancing at such high levels all over the world and with no sleep for multiple hours a day. I thought, ‘Please, I can bust out an hour of dance aerobics, no problem.’ Wrong!” she says.

She adds: “I know that the journey of getting back to your best level of performance physically is very hard, but it’s an incredibly empowering place to be.”


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  1. is Tracy not taking into account women who have complicted pregnancies that require bed rest and things. she should keep her mouth shut

  2. She is right in many ways. But even when you eat right during pregnancy, it can be hard to loose the baby weight. Every woman’s body is different. For me, breastfeeding made really hard to drop the ten pounds of weight that was left after my daughter was born. I was hungry all the time and exercise was just not enough.

  3. She’s absolutely right, but most women don’t wanna hear it (as they sit at their computer with a bag of ruffles)……you shouldn’t put on more than 10 extra pounds, besides what comes out during labor. So you have 6 weeks to loose 10 pounds and that seems hard? Of course every woman is different, some have no willpower, some eat whatever they want during pregnancy and put on 60 extra pounds.
    There’s no excuse not to be back in shape 6 weeks after giving birth. Your baby is not the reason why you’re fat, YOU’RE JUST FAT.

    • What that’s a lot of rage you’ve got there. It’s like woman who are not skinny should be sorry and apologize, I haven’t have a baby recently, I’m probably what you would call fat (not obese, but definitely a little bit overweight) and I’m not sorry, really I don’t owe anybody to be thin ….

      If you want to exercise and be fit, good for you but don’t try make woman who are not feel ashamed..

      • No need to get so defensive, she wasn’t even reffering to you in her post. She said women shouldn’t use the baby as an excuse to be fat, you’re not using a baby as an excuse, you just don’t care.
        No one asked you to apologize, go on and live your life- if you’re happy when you look in the mirror it’s nobody’s business. Some people like to look good, and that’s ok too.

      • If you are not ashamed of the weight then stop blaming it on the baby, that is the whole point here.
        It’s ok to be fat, it’s ok to be skinny, but own up to it and take responsibility.

  4. Yeah, thing is, not everyone is willing to give up time with their infant to look pretty. Actually, some of us have to go back to work right away, making it impossible to drop all the baby weight in 6 weeks.

        • You’re right. Some women, maybe more than some, have to go back to work after 6 weeks due to their ‘maternity leave’ benefits running out. Payment ends after 6 weeks at a lot of companies and not everyone can afford to take the rest of that time off without their pay. It happens more often than you think.

    • 6 weeks? I would think that’s a pretty small percentage of women.

      And why do you presume that it’s about looking pretty, as if that’s a bad thing that someone might want to have their body back?

    • It is possible to work and take care of your body at the same time. It may not be easy, but it really isn’t that hard to do.
      So many of you are jealous of her. She works hard and cares about her body, that’s a GOOD thing. If you don’t agree, if you like being overweight or just want to eat everything under the sun, that’s your choice, but don’t put her down because she is able to do what most people are too lazy to do.

    • She already did… and it’s dangerous. The chick promotes anorexia and jumping around like a fool. Exercises that have no scientific backing behind them. Research this overly full of herself biotch.

  5. the problem with stories like this is ‘the baby weight’ is so different for each woman. if you go nuts for 9 months and gain a ton of weight, of course you can’t get that off in 6 weeks. If you eat what you NEED to, you should’t even have to try to get back into shape. I was back to my original weight easily within 6 weeks, and I never once ‘exercised’. breastfeeding gets most of it off, and your body will naturally go back to the weight you started at as long as your habits don’t change.
    ‘the baby weight’ should be mostly the ‘baby’, not hotdogs and twinkies.

  6. Odd how so many people here who criticized Jessica Simpson for spending her pregnancy eating buttered poptarts and gaining god knows how much weight, are now ripping on a woman who said you should eat a healthy diet and exercise while pregnant and then work to get back to a healthy weight. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what my doctor told me to do.

    Don’t want to miss out on bonding time with your infant to go to the gym? Work out to a DVD in your living room and then take your infant for a long walk. That hour you were going to spend watching The Bachelor? Work out instead.

    If you don’t want to work out to get your body back, at least take responsibility for that. Don’t spend the next 10 years explaining that it’s because you had a baby. At some point, it’s not baby weight anymore.

  7. work out like you used to, eat incredibly clean, and drop it in less than a week like I did. Did cardio and weights the day (due date!) my water broke. Gained 20 lbs, was down 5 lbs pre-pregnancy weight to 108 at 1-week post partem. Had to stop breast-feeding because I was losing too much weight and it was endangering my health. Some of us are naturally skinny and fit. Don’t hate the messenger! She’s a positive inspiration for the MASSES that do not practice healthy pregnancies, that is why it is seen as so abnormal, because so many think they can’t/shouldn’t/won’t, etc. Most morning sickness eases after the 1st trimester for the VAST majority of pregnancies. So sick of hearing that as a crutch to not take care of yourself…and placentia previa, is also not as common as people think. I had a suspected one early on, but my doctor still said I could work out, just not too heavy of weights. Prenatal yoga is for lazy preggers.

    • “work out like you used to, eat incredibly clean, and drop it in less than a week like I did. ” then.. “some of us are naturally skinny” you don’t see the problem there?

      But the only sad thing is “Had to stop breast-feeding because I was losing too much weight and it was endangering my health”. Yes let’s do a diet from the day baby is born, exercice, and then stop breastfeeding..

  8. She knows what she’s talking about. I worked out in the gym till 8 mths preg, did Summer Sanders DVD up until the day I gave birth. Tracey Anderson post preg workout after birth. Was back in size 8 jeans (UK size) 10 days after (how smug am I?!) I have to say though that her post preg work out is great and I have better abs now than I did before, Only need to do it 2/3 times a week fir great results. I used to do it on the floor around the cot for as long as I could before my baby woke!

  9. Everyone should Google her. She’s a fraud. She nearly left her previous partner bankrupt. She was also dating a man accused of taking money from charity. Her ex accused her of over-charging her celebrity clients for exercise equipment and on and on. Her workouts and methods have been criticized by experts and there is no scientific research for a lot of the things she claims to have “evidence” for. She encourages women to starve themselves and only have a few hundred calories per day, far lower than recommended guidelines. She also encourages fasting and “detoxifying”… please, please research her before following her advice.

  10. Also to whoever says she promotes anorexia- I have heard this but never come across it in her DVDs. I ate healthily but also whatever I felt like, ate choc/ cake every day- still do! I would warn though that the abs section- whilst brilliant for toning up is the toughest abs series I’ve ever done and needs to be emarked on gently post birth! There is a happy medium.

  11. I lost all the baby weight in 6 weeks too with third baby. I ate healthy and exercised before the pregnancy and during. My body just bounced back. I think it is also genetics. My sisters are very thin after they have babies.

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