Vanessa Lachey: “I’m Feeling Good, Mostly Anxious”

Mom-to-be Vanessa Lachey is feeling excited about welcoming her first child – a boy – with husband Nick Lachey “at any minute.” The Former Miss Teen USA is partnering with ShoeDazzle for their Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity, where all profits from the sale of her military-inspired bootie named Monroe will benefit the charity Operation Shower.

Vanessa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about nearing the end of her pregnancy and feeling “anxious” although prepared. She says her third trimester “has been more of an emotional and mental training time,” and shares her struggles about taking a maternity leave. 

CBS: Tell us about partnering with ShoeDazzle for their Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity and your military-inspired bootie named Monroe.

VL: “I had the opportunity to combine two things I love: fashion and charity. ShoeDazzle asked me to help them design a shoe for the Fall, and 100% of the proceeds would go to a charity of my choice. I love Fall fashion, and immediately got excited about a bootie. I designed a military-inspired bootie and named it Monroe after Marilyn Monroe. She was an icon who always showed her love and support of the troops, so I thought it was fitting.

Being a new mom soon, and having grown up in the military, I chose Operation Shower as my charity to receive all the proceeds from the shoe’s sales. I love the idea of providing for military moms and families, and giving them the love and support they need while their spouses are away and unable to help provide for such an amazing important time in a family’s life.”

CBS: How are you feeling at the end of your pregnancy?

VL: “I’m feeling good, mostly anxious. Once you get down to the last couple of weeks, you are constantly on edge because it could happen at any minute. We have done all our preparation, so now it’s the waiting game.”

CBS: How have you been keeping in shape during your pregnancy? Do you have a postpartum workout plan in the works?

VL: “I worked out during the first two trimesters in moderation (It’s important for expecting women to monitor their heart rate 130/140 BPM). It’s not about losing weight or getting buff, it’s about health. I felt better when I got moving and active.

My last trimester has been more of an emotional and mental training time for me. I am reading a lot, learning a lot, and taking more time to talk about all sorts of things with my husband. Just about our lives changing, our parenting methods, and how much we are going to love this new little person in our family.

I am excited to get back into a program after baby. It’s amazing to see all of the things your body is capable of and how it changes.”

CBS: Are you planning to take a maternity leave when the baby arrives? Or do you want to get back to work right away?

VL: “I have struggled with this because I am an active person who constantly needs a creative outlet. I hear from so many people about not losing yourself to your baby, but I personally feel that this is our time to be a new family.

That being said, I don’t think the newborn phase should be the only time to be here for my baby. I think the beauty of being a woman is that you CAN juggle both. Each family is different, and I intend on finding the perfect balance between creatively having a project and also being the best mom I can be. After all, he’s going to need me now until the end of time.

The job of Mommy doesn’t ever end. It is one of the hardest jobs on this planet, but also one of the most rewarding. I look forward to taking on that role and living that chapter. It’s almost here! So for me, I can’t wait to take this time and enjoy this process and new life. The holidays with my boys sounds so perfect to me. Then, it’s all about finding ‘our’ balance.”


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  1. is she possbly that airheaded to not want a maternity leave after her son is born. being a good mother is more important than fame at least she’s doing something so called philanthropic though in her case it’s just an ego boost

  2. She’s going to find the perfect balance. Well, of course you will, Sweetie. Good luck with that. Nobody ever figured it out before, but I’m sure you’ll be the first.

  3. I wish Nick & Vanessa the best during the end phase of the pregnancy. I’m sure Nick & Vanessa will find their perfect balance. There’s one thing for sure, baby Lachey is going to be raised in a loving home. I enjoy watching Vanessa’s show Wipeout, it’s down right hilarious. Hopefully she returns to co-host the American Music Awards.

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