Bill & Giuliana Rancic: Fishing & Hiking While On Babymoon

No baby yet for Bill and Giuliana Rancic!

Set to celebrate their five-year anniversary on September 1, the parents-to-be are enjoying a “babymoon” in Vail, Colorado while they await the arrival of their son, who is due via surrogate in Denver.

Bill, 41 and Giuliana, 37, have spent their last days pre-baby exploring nature, indulging in delicious meals and more. And they’ve been sharing their adventures via Twitter.

“Heading out for a hike with @GiulianaRancic here in Colorado. Can’t go too far. Waiting for that call any day now!” Bill Tweeted on August 21.

On August 25, the couple went fly fishing. “Gone (fly) Fishing!!” Bill wrote, sharing a photo of the couple decked out in hiking boots and fishing pants.

When a fan asked Giuliana “[On a] scale from 1 to 100 how excited are you for the baby?” she Tweeted in reply, “Is one million an option?”

The following day, Giuliana shared a photo of the view from their hotel. “How gorgeous is our view from our patio at Ritz-Carlton Residences? Can’t wait to come back w/Baby R.” The next day, she posted a fun shot of the couple enjoying strawberry shortcake, “This is livin’!!!”

It’s been a long road to parenthood for the couple! After years of trying for a baby on their own, one miscarriage and a diagnosis of breast cancer, the reality TV couple expect a baby at any minute with the help of a gestational carrier.

“We got a shortlist of names,” Bill recently said. “It’s going to be a game day decision. I have a lot of people sending me tweets with baby name suggestions. We’ve got it down to about three to four names. Once we see the little guy and hold him in our arms, that’ll seal the deal. It’ll definitely be a game day decision.”

We can’t wait to hear their exciting news!


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  1. I am beyond thrilled for Guiliana and Bill..watching their show and struggle has made me really compassionate for them. Wish them nothing but the best!

  2. These people are such attention seekers, they really are no better then the Kardashians. They couldn’t even go on their babymoon without seeking attention by posting pictures or twittering.

    Do these people know the meaning of privacy and keeping stuff just between them and family members with out sharing or selling it to the media.

  3. Just the plain fact that some rejoice with them that rejoice renders negativity and hate useless….

    Can we not just be happy and be happy that SOMEONE has been blessed in the midst of dour circumstances… the odds where against them and THEY where blessed!

    How many other couples can look at this situation and gain hope and see light at the end of what many would call a dark dead end? Many live can be touched and many be strengthened in their faith for what may appear to be hopeless situations….

    Let’s hope that many can find a sense of renewal of faith by what Bill and Giuliana chose to share with others….

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