Dad-to-be Bill Rancic: “It’s Game Time!”

The wait is almost over for expectant parents Bill and Giuliana Rancic – it sounds like the pair will be welcoming their baby boy very soon!

The former Apprentice star, who has been enjoying a babymoon in Colorado with his wife of almost 5 years, took to Twitter tonight to write, “It’s Game Time…”

At the same time Giuliana Tweeted a message of her own in response to well wishes from a fan, assuring, “U all will be 1st to know;)”

E! confirms that the couple’s gestational carrier is currently in labor in Colorado.

We’ll stay tuned for the big announcement…

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  1. Why will her twitter fans be the first to know? Not family…or friends? And based on their actions thus far, she’s probably not joking!

  2. Why do they feel the need to confirm with E! that their surrogate is in labor? Give the woman a chance to push out the baby before making all these crazy announcements.

  3. I swear, Twitter and Facebook are the downfall of our society. No one can take a dump anymore without letting the entire world know.

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