Pink Loves Dressing Up Her Daughter Willow

Pink just can’t help dressing up her adorable daughter Willow… even though it lands her in some hot water with her husband Carey Hart!

“I’m in so much trouble with Carey for the s**t I buy for her,” the ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ singer tells Entertainment Weekly. “Because a one-year-old shouldn’t have Diesel jeans. But it tends to slip my mind when I see them because they’re so cute.”

Though Pink insists she’ll stop buying her daughter designer duds when “she’s old enough to know they’re Diesel jeans,” she laughs that until that day comes “She’s going to look f**kin’ awesome.”

Don’t expect the outspoken rocker to follow musical moms Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey into prime time TV.

“It’s not gonna happen,” she says when asked if she’d ever sign on to a reality show. “It’s not that I don’t want to do one, it’s just out of spite for everyone else doing one and it being so f***ing annoying. I believe that ours would be very entertaining, but no thank you. I’ve been asked to do American Idol and X Factor. I’m an Ed McMahon kind of girl. Star Search? I’m in, all day long. It felt more authentic, and the market wasn’t oversaturated with karaoke -contests. It’s just not for me.”

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