Jennifer Garner & Her American Girl

Alias alum Jennifer Garner was photographed with daughter Violet, 6, at The Grove in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday (August 29). The pretty pair enjoyed some one-on-one time together while shopping at American Girl, Pottery Barn Kids and Dylan’s Candy.

The mother-daughter duo were not joined by papa Ben Affleck and siblings Seraphina, 3, and Samuel, 6 months.

Along their travels, Violet toted her Ivy & Bean book. An avid book lover, Jen recently opened up about her work with Save the Children and how early childhood education can make a huge impact in enhancing kids’ lives.

“More than 60 percent of poor families don’t have books in their homes,” she shared. “It isn’t that kids should be reading by kindergarten, but they should know what a book is — how to hold it, turn the pages, and how to sit still in anticipation of hearing a story.”


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  1. The mother-daughter duo were not joined by papa Ben Affleck and siblings Seraphina, 3, and Samuel, 6 months.
    Or a team of nannies and bodyguards – LOL!

    Despite her obvious wealth and the inherent challenges that go along with being a celeb (“paps”), it seems like Garner strives for a sense of normalcy for her family. She doesn’t do anything to draw attention to herself (i.e. no flashy clothes, loud make up, entourage, etc.) and instead tries to blend in by dressing super casual, minimal make up, etc. Even the kids look like normal, everyday girls — no over the top outfits, hair dye, etc.

    I hope for her kids’ sake that the constant pap intrusion isn’t too disturbing.

    • LOL …what a coincidence and what a contrast. Just before reading this I saw a picture of Gwen Stefani out with one of her kids. Dressed stylishly, full make up and there was at least one nanny walking with her carrying her child.

      • So what? Should everyone follow the same style and rules as everyone else?


        I, for one, appreciate the styles of both of these women. They are who they are. It doesn’t make one better than the other.

  2. look how violet try to block the paps by covering her face with a book., while suri has her blanket and dolls to hold…

  3. Violet is such a pretty little girl whose beauty will probably surpass her mother’s when she grows up. I like that she is being raised to appreciate books and other wholesome things and that fashion may be fun to explore, it is not a means to all ends.

  4. Cute family but it really should be called China Girl. They used to make them in Wisconsin but now they produce them in China. Wish visible celebs would be more thoughtful in the products they inadvertently endorse . Sorry for the soapbox!!

  5. She’s an idiot any way. She thinks way too highly of herself and considers herself “intellectual”. You may think she is down to earth, but she is not at all. Her kids will be more spoiled hollywood pariahs… little Paris Hiltons in training.

  6. They have never been made in Wisconsin. Prior to China they were made in Germany. The company is still based in Wisconsin.
    I was there that day and everyone was very laid back- customers, employees, guards, and paparazzi. She seemed very genuine and people were respectful.

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