Dean McDermott: “An Open Letter To My Newborn Son”

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their fourth child, son Finn Davey, on Thursday. The proud dad wrote an open letter to their newborn son on to welcome their new addition into this “crazy” world.

“Yesterday afternoon, Tori gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Finn,” Dean writes. “Welcoming a new life into this world is a big deal and so the night before our baby came, I decided to write a letter welcoming him to our family and expressing how much I love, and will love, him for life.”

The dad-of-five says their family is a bit unconventional, but full of love.

“Well it’s the night before your entrance into this crazy, whacky, amazing world full of joy, good times, bad times, love, loss, friends and foes – and that’s just your brothers and sisters! They’re always full of love, laughter and energy,” he says. “Quite frankly they’re absolutely bonkers too, but you’re going to love them. Mom and Dad are a bit kooky too – that’s just how we roll. Not to worry though, we’ll grow on you after a while. So strap on your onesie, because it’s going to be a wild ride.”

Visit to read more of the touching letter from father to son shared with Dean’s online community.

To compliment the celebration, Tori shares a gallery of her baby bumps – which have their own hashtag #bumpproud – and cherished family photos.

In her intimate and celebraTORI post, the new Mom documents and celebrates her pregnancies over the past six years. Visit to see more…


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  1. So thrilled they had another boy! Congrats to a very loving family. Cannot wait to hear what Liam has to say. The boy is a trip!

    • Jack is still very much involved in their life, I believe. They just keep him out of the media because his mother requested it.

      • The fact is he moved to another country, away from his son, to be with his new wife. If you don’t call that abadonment, I’m not sure what is.

        • Again, pretty sure he still sees Jack. Plenty of parents are in different countries/states than their kids. And did you miss the part where Dean mentions Finn’s brothers?

          • There’s a difference between seeing your child monthly and seeing him daily/several times a week. He made a decision, which as a parent I don’t agree with. Guess that’s all there is to it.

  2. Nice letter…did he write that same letter to his first son, Jack, who he left when Jack was only 6 years old? And did he write a letter to his first, newly adopted daughter, who was only 6 weeks old when he abandoned her? Dean is a jerk and he and Tori are annoying.

  3. Dear Dean,
    Congratulations on your new son and for expanding our family….but you are still not going to get your hands on the Spelling money.

  4. Jack lives in the same city as Tori and Dean. But yes, he did leave him in Canada and eventually brought him to LA. I used to work for Tori and saw Jack and DEan together all the time. Picks him up from school daily etc……

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