Giuliana Rancic: “Duke Is A Dream”

One day into motherhood, Giuliana Rancic is already head over heels with her brand new baby boy Edward ‘Duke.’

The happy mom took to Twitter today to gush, “It’s true what they say (and what u all told us)…. @BillRancic and I couldn’t love little Duke anymore than we do. He’s a dream….”

Bill and Giuliana’s son was born via a surrogate in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday evening. The proud parents were both in the delivery room to greet baby Duke, with the former Apprentice star cutting the umbilical cord.

“G & I feel blessed beyond words,” Bill Tweeted after the birth. “We did it!”


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  1. Oh geeze….why not name the kid what you want to call him??? Let’s name him Edward….but that name is ugly so we’ll call him Duke instead.

    • Seriously? This couple has been through hell and back; finally received the miracle they ‘ve so desperately been praying for, and you are criticizing the name???? WHY DO YOU CARE! Instead of being negative, why not try something like… happy for them; or, wow they deserve this…..or how about this one…. congrats!!!!!

    • I agree, if you intend to call your child a certain name, why not give it as a firstname to him? Anyway, Edward is okay, but I hate Duke. Just stating my humble opinion.

      • his dad’s name is Edward so they probably don’t want confusion among family members, plenty of people call their children by their middle names.

        • well if they named him what they want to call him there would be no confusion at all.
          what they’re doing now is going to cause this poor boy confusion all his life.

          • Bill’s father has passed, so there would be NO confusion. I think it is ridiculous not to call him Ed, Eddie, Eduardo? Besides, Duke is just stupid.

    • I agree with finding it weird to call a person by their middle name. Normally I would say to swap the name order but Duke Edward makes him sound like a British Royal so in this case I guess it is best to leave it as it is.

  2. They want to be able to say they named him after his grandpa, but they don’t like the name. Some parents think it’s fun to confuse their kids. Can you imagine when he goes to kindergarden, and the teacher calls for ‘Edward’ and he’s looking around like ‘who the hell is Edward??’
    You should have to pass a test before you’re allowed to have kids.

    • Are you serious? He’s a child, not an idiot… he’ll know his name. Many children go by nicknames (Kids go by initials like TJ, Williams go by Billy, Richards go by Dick…) and that’s been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years and no one seems to have a problem. A child doesn’t understand where you get Billy from William but knows his name is William either way. They can comprehend things. They wanted to name him Edward after their fathers, It’s a nice sentiment. There’s nothing wrong with it, it might not be what you would do, but why do you care so much what other people name their children?

      Maybe you should have to pass this “test” you’re recommending people take.

      • Well said. My son goes by his middle name because he’s named after his Dad and didn’t want to confuse the 2. He’s grown now & his sister who is looking for a name for his unborn son asked him if he ever had a problem using his middle name. He said no that he would just tell them what he preferred to be called and that was that. It would be no different than a William being called Bill. I guess these people who don’t understand should take a common sense test.

    • Its not going to cause any confusion. Lots of people have nick names they go by or they go by their middle name and have no trouble making it through life.
      Look at NeNe Leaks, Ne Ne is not her realy first name. Yet it looks like she is doing just fine in life. Get a grip.

  3. Nothing against Rancic. But adoption would be the most suitable. If Giuliana Could not have children she would have to accept. That would be the normal decision for anyone who is truly Christian. Use the body of another person does not strike me as correct. Not life always gives us everything we want. But it is through crooked lines we learn to value our own existence. Giuliana has gone through many difficulties. And consegiu wins Them. It could have overtaken more and ADOPTED this the poor and needy child. It would be much more beautiful. And his altruism would be rewarded. What we do in good returns double.

    Sorry for my English.

    • Wow. How nice of you to determine what is the most “suitable” way for them to create their family.

      I’ve decided that you should adopt 7 orphans from Somalia. Ready? Go!

    • are you kidding me? Who died and made you God? They have a biological child and did it the way the felt best suited for them. So much for non judgemental Christians.. Bunch of hyprocrites!

  4. Oh God, they’re calling him Duke? That is a hideous name. My niece used to call dog poop “duke” for some reason and it will always remind me of that.

  5. People should mind their own business and name their own kids however they want !
    That’s the name G and Bill wanted and that’s it. Stop saying its ugly and the kid would be confused. The name is very cool and the kid will know both of his names and he would be more happy than you all can ever imagaine.
    Love you so much Giuliana, more power to you!

  6. What a bunch of miserable self absorbed people with these ridiculous comments. So what if someone used the wrong word, we all knew what she meant. Calling people stupid only shows ignorance and how low your own self esteem is by calling others names to make yourself feel better. Grow the heck up.

  7. Congrats b&j : so excited for you!

    To all the negative nellys… My parents always taught me that if you can’t say anything nice , keep your pie hole shut!

    Seriously they had a baby in a way that medical complications warranted. I could be completely mistaken but I believe they plan to have another and are discussing adoption. Besides nothing they do will go uncritisied . If they had adopted, some would say why didn’t they do it via surrogacy. Since they have done it by a gestational carrier now everyone is picking that apart. If they had named him Monty Alejandro Filipe rancid people would say why didn’t they pick a simple name like Edward duke. Geesh people say congratulations and leave it at that!

  8. I am so happy that the baby is finally here! They have waited so long and endured so much along this difficult journey. I hope for the best for them, and know that they will give this baby tons of love.

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