Sofia Vergara Considering Having A Baby Again

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara has confirmed to Celebuzz she’s engaged to Nick Loeb. Her character – Gloria – is pregnant in the show. Is she ready to have another baby herself?

She confessed, “It’s something that maybe … one day I’ll do again. I wouldn’t mind. I mean, I think I can still do it. But you know, when you want to do something like that, you want to do it right, at the right moment, so I am taking it easy, so maybe when I have a little less work.”

She also told Allure she was open to more kids stating, “I would think about it. I can have more nannies. So it wouldn’t be something crazy for me. But I wouldn’t have four. Maybe one is fine.”

As for wedding plans there are none at the moment.

The 40-year-old told the site, “I haven’t started planning anything because everything has been very recent. I just planned a very big birthday — my 40th birthday in Mexico. More than 100 people came and celebrated with me and my family, closest friends and co-workers from Modern Family. I am kind of, you know, working a lot — I just started the Modern Family season — so I don’t know yet [when I will get married]. No plans.”

The actress has a son Manuelo, almost 20, from her first marriage to child sweetheart Joe Gonzalez.


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