Ali Landry: “We Are Open To Having Another Baby”

Hollywood Mom’s Night star Ali Landry is one busy mama! The mom of two young children – daughter Estela, 5, and son Marcelo, 10 months – is a self-proclaimed chocoholic and has recently partnered with Hershey’s and their low-cal treat Simple Pleasures.

Ali opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about enjoying the finer things in life with moderation, the joys – and challenges – of breastfeeding, Estela’s excitement about Kindergarten, and her thoughts on baby No. 3.

CBS: Tell us partnering with Hershey’s and their newest line of chocolates, Simple Pleasures. In all honesty, do you really eat chocolate?

AL: “It’s true! I love chocolate and eat some every night before bed. But for me it’s about moderation and balance, which is why I love the new Simple Pleasures line from Hershey’s. They are individually wrapped and only have 30 calories a piece! They come in milk chocolate with chocolate crème, dark chocolate with chocolate crème and milk chocolate with vanilla crème and are 30 percent less fat compared to the average of leading milk chocolates.”

CBS: You have so much going on with your new hit show Hollywood Mom’s Night and your new site Tell us all about both!

AL: “Hollywood Mom’s Night has been such a fun project because I’m working with my best friends. With juggling so much of our time between being a good mom and wife with a hectic work schedule, a series of themed dinner parties were born!

We’ve been having a blast cooking up different meals and trying our best to avoid kitchen disasters, like the one I had during the first episode when I was trying to cook gumbo. It was a million degrees in the kitchen and I was stirring this pot, and the recipe got too close to the stove and it caught fire. Then, I stepped on her blind dog because I couldn’t see over the belly and then proceeded to pee on myself because I was pregnant and had the bladder issues.

Spokesmom is my latest endeavor – a website where real moms can share their insights on products, help other moms by sharing personal experiences and win prizes and deals in the process! We are just getting it off the ground, but so far have had a great feedback and participation from hundreds of moms.”

CBS: We hear you’ve got another biter! Please tell us about your breastfeeding journey with your second child, son Marcelo.

AL: “Nursing has been one of the most amazing experiences for me – so intimate and special! It has been a blessing to spend such quality time with both Estela and Marcelo, and thankfully Alejandro and I learned a lot through breastfeeding Estela.

We are definitely more prepared this time around with Marcelo. Just being prepared for the things that no one likes to talk about, like having insanely sore nipples or wrestling with a breast pump.

Recently, Marcelo began to get some of his teeth in and also began biting, like his big sister. While I had so many ambitions of pushing through that, it was just too painful and ultimately I had to wean Marcelo off of breastfeeding. I have to say, I think breastfeeding is no small feat and the time I was able to spend with my kids are memories I will hold onto forever.”

CBS: How is Marcelo doing? What is he into? What does it mean to you to have a son?

AL: “Marcelo is growing so quickly, it’s astounding! He is a very alert and curious 10-month old. No doubt he will be walking in no time!

It means so much to Alejandro and me to have two healthy and happy children. We are so blessed.”

CBS: How is Estela doing? What is she into? How has she adjusted to being a sister? How are you preparing Estela for Kindergarten? Is she excited?

AL: “Estela is doing great! She is a happy little 5-year-old and has truly taken on her role as big sister. She loves singing to him and playing with him. She is very curious and enjoys learning about bugs (mommy has to put her brave face on), and she spends a lot of time practicing her cartwheels.

She is extremely excited to start Kindergarten! Alejandro and I have been spending time with her, practicing numbers and ABCs, trying to get her geared up for kindergarten. We all have such busy schedules, we hope it will be a smooth transition for her starting school and I can’t wait to get her picture on her first day!”

CBS: Maybe it’s a bit early to ask, but are you thinking about a possible baby No. 3?

AL: “Lets just say we are open to having another baby :).”

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