Peaches Geldof Shares Pics Of “Dreamy” Astala

Proud mom Peaches Geldof has been sharing adorable pictures of her son Astala on her Twitter page.

In one snapshot she shares with fans she Tweets: “Oh my god! Just came back into my bedroom and Astala had placed Snouty on his head and was wearing him like…LOL”

In others she relishes him sleeping writing, “Dreamy sleepy baby” and “Nap time for the Little Lord’.

In her blog for Hello! – the 23-year-old TV presenter and model mentions her upcoming wedding to fiancé Thomas Cohen.

“I haven’t been up to much at the moment aside from planning my wedding as it’s very near now! I never imagined the insane amount of planning that goes into these dos, right down to trivialities like the colour of napkin holders or the right angles to place chairs at – it’s completely ridiculous! Thankfully my wedding planner Danielle Nay of Transformers Event Planning does it for a living so that’s taken a lot of the stress away, but not quite all of it!”

Of course she does write about Astala.

She gushes, “The one thing non-wedding related that has been taking up nearly all of my time at the moment is Astala. He’s just turned 5 months old and is perhaps the cutest baby of all time. He’s definitely the smiliest one I’ve ever encountered with the cheekiest grin and funniest, throaty giggle.”

Like any new parent getting the baby to sleep can be challenging.

She adds, “Astala has also been getting a bit naughty by trying to stay up much later than his 7pm bed time, which has resulted in Tom resorting to running around the kitchen table in circles with Astala in the sling, trying to get him to sleep that way. We realised that it was due to his napping too much during the day and we have now reached a happy nap-to-waking ratio, which means less night time partying for baby and more time sleeping for us, thank God. He loves to drift off in my arms watching his favourite show, Night Time Relax on Baby TV, and his little sleeping face looks like so angelic it’s almost too much to handle.”




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