Tori Spelling: “So In Love” With Finn

Since welcoming her fourth child on August 30, Craft Wars host Tori Spelling, 39, has shared a couple photos of her newborn son, Finn Davey, via Instagram.

One image features Finn’s tiny hand wrapped around his mother’s finger. “Finn Makes Four,” the proud mama wrote in the caption. In a second shot, hubby Dean McDermott, 45, cradles his son’s head. “So in love,” Tori wrote Sunday.

Finn joins older siblings Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 10 months, and Jack, 13, from Dean’s previous marriage.

Tori isn’t the only one professing her love for their newborn son! Dean wrote an open letter to Finn the night before his August 30 birth.

“Yesterday afternoon, Tori gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Finn,” Dean wrote. “Welcoming a new life into this world is a big deal and so the night before our baby came, I decided to write a letter welcoming him to our family and expressing how much I love, and will love, him for life.”

The dad-of-five said their family is a bit unconventional, but full of love.

“Well it’s the night before your entrance into this crazy, whacky, amazing world full of joy, good times, bad times, love, loss, friends and foes – and that’s just your brothers and sisters! They’re always full of love, laughter and energy,” he said. “Quite frankly they’re absolutely bonkers too, but you’re going to love them. Mom and Dad are a bit kooky too – that’s just how we roll. Not to worry though, we’ll grow on you after a while. So strap on your onesie, because it’s going to be a wild ride.”


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  1. Why the secrecy in not showing his face? They’ve made it pretty clear they have no problems shaing every personal aspect of their lives.

  2. In all of this poor Hattie! She’s a baby too, she would deserve all of her parents’ attention, and now the have a littler one to take care of!

  3. I hope she has more agency now and can tell her husband no. Who wants back to back babies? That is a major strain on the body.

    • We don’t know it’s Dean, and not Tori, ( or both of them) who wanted back to back babies. She could’ve used reliable birth control, like a lot of new moms, and not had babies 10 months apart. She’s been talking about wanting to have 4 kids since she was pregnant with her 2nd.

      • I think they said it’s because they weren’t as cautious as the doctor said and… puff! baby Finn is here!
        I guess in the end they’re happy, as they are rich and can afford a lot of help, but for normal people it would be hard..

  4. They had another baby because they didn’t use birth control! LOL! it is that simple and the new baby is not a surprise. Even Tori knows that there is always a possibility of pregnancy with unsafe sex.

    I guess she thinks her fans are stupid though…….

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