Giveaway: Mountain Buggy Duet & Joey (Value: $640)

The world’s best side-by-side just got even better with joey! Mountain Buggy has introduced joey – the brilliant easy clip-on tote bag for the duet, allowing you to turn your compact side-by-side into a single with loads of storage!

With the duet being the same width as a single, joey simply replaces the right hand seat of the stroller so you can take your child around with you for more shopping time with the added storage component! This new and clever accessory also highlights how the duet and joey combination is the perfect solution for first time parents, as it’s truly a stroller that grows when the family grows!

  • Two bags in one! The joey includes an easy to remove, lightweight, recyclable internal tote bag that sits snug inside a tough and durable external bag.
  • Attaching the joey is fuss-free! There is absolutely no fiddling with the chassis to lengthen or shorten as a single or a double, and unclipping the seat from the frame is so intuitive. And what’s best is that you can fold the buggy with the joey attached!
  • Ready to take two! When the second child comes along, simply take off the joey and attach the right and seat back onto the duet.
  • New chilli color option! A chilli / black option for the duet, is available exclusively at
  • Also compatible with the Mountain Buggy duo!

We are giving away a Mountain Buggy duet ($599.99) and joey ($39.99) to 1 lucky reader (total value: $640)!

One Easy Way to Enter:
Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite feature of the Mountain Buggy duet in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, September 7th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada and US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*

Congratulations to the winner of our Amy Michelle giveaway: Jessica!


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  1. Fuss Free is for me.I love that it is good for two babes and the tote feature is great too.This is an awesome stroller!!!!

  2. I absolutely NEED to win this! We have a one and a half year old and another due in a month, I love this stroller, but can’t afford it right now! The seating options, the looks, everything! Please pick me!!!

  3. The size of the Duet! Same as a single stroller. You can not get better than that. Perfect for walking in the city and in stores 🙂

  4. I love the adjustable handlebar, and the air filled tires! It’s so neat that you can get it with your first child too if your planning on having more kids in the future!

  5. my favorite feature is that you could change it to a double or single stroller. awesome because i have a newborn a toddler. this would be stroller me to use.

  6. The duet is packed with great features however the one that stands out the most to me is the width!! Most side By side strollers aren’t just heavy they are bulky and hard to get through aisles but not this one and the sleek look def a plus.Would love to push this baby around the mall or theme parks;).

  7. LOVE that its a side by side double, but narrow like a single – so not nearly as bulky as most doubles!! BEAUTIFUL STROLLER!!!

  8. a clip-on tote bag that offers more versatility and more opportunity for a growing family, makes this compact side-by-side an outstanding solution for one child PLUS loads of storage or 2 children.

  9. I really like how you can use the one side for storage. I am 4’11” so I can’t see over a car seat on top of a shopping cart so I always have to shop using a stroller. With a toddler and one on the way I really love the idea of being able to use it for 2 kids when we go for all day trips to the zoo and the older one needs to sit for a spell. I haven’t gotten a stroller yet for babe on the way so this would be awesome!

  10. I love that it’s a convertible single to double but a side by side rather than having one where they can’t see the rest of the world 😉

  11. My favorite feature is the joey. A clip-on tote bag for the duet that allows you to turn the compact side-by-side into a single with loads of storage.

  12. I love this! I hate double strollers but, I have twins so a double that is the same width as a single is ideal! Plus, sometimes I wear one baby so having the extra storage for the farmers market is great.

  13. My husband wont have to wear the pink diaper bag around him anymore, thanks to the tote on the side! He would really love yall ha!

  14. I love how easy it is to add the second seat. I’m expecting my second baby this February, so it will work great for my 22 month old son now and be a great stroller to accomodate my growing family!

  15. Side by side double that is the same width as a single? Sign me up because THAT is my favorite feature!! The Joey is a cool option too 🙂

  16. I like the extra spot for the shopping bag or diaper bag, that’s great for baby #2 too. Don’t have to buy another stroller.

  17. I love how the stroller evolves as a mom’s needs change and grow – and how simple it is to change it up when #2 comes along!

  18. Amazing Giveaway!! I LOVE that I can face a new baby towards myself while my toddler faces out to the world. I’m due next month and would be so thrilled to win this 😀

  19. After hours of research on the perfect stroller for our upcoming twins our top choice is the Mountain Buggy Duet. Things we love about it:
    – at 25 inches wide it’s the same width as the wheel base of most singles strollers
    – the new Joey bag makes it practical to use if we have more kids down the road and just want a single seat.
    – the Freerider attachment works for a third child
    – Most of all…IT TAKES 2 INFANT CARSEATS AT THE SAME TIME!!! There’s very few strollers on the market with this feature. We love it. The whole package!

  20. This is a first! I’ve never seen a stroller that has the options of 1) being a double stroller and 2) having the convenience of the side-by-side single stroller with easy to reach storage! This is brilliant. 🙂

  21. Love the ‘Multi adjust handle height for a more comfortable push’ feature. My hubby is way taller than me and this would be ideal for us.

  22. I just love all the storage space that the Joey provides when you have only one child or an older one like myself (he’s 3 , I also have an 11 month old) that likes to walk sometimes.

  23. Big durable wheels for using in the city, through the Canadian winter slush, or on dirt paths at the cottage/dogpark etc

  24. I love the versatility. Right now I need two seats, but it won’t be long that independence will set in and I will only need one seat. Then it will be great to have the Joey and not have to find yet another stroller!

  25. Currently convenient for the baby, me & love that Joey will convert space for our “soon to be”.
    Able to keep “cool paks” & snacks in the Clip On Carry On (great for airplane travel too)
    A smooth ride for all whether you’re riding or the one pushing.
    Just Genius
    Obviously Operational
    Easy 4 Everyone

  26. I love that it evolves with me! Some days I have both kids and need both seats but some days I just have one baby and it’d be so nice to not have to switch strollers out of the car but just have the tote there for shopping!

  27. I LOVE this! I love that right now i have child here that is still in a stroller but I have one Due in Dec, and CANNOT find a double stroller I like until I found this one! And there is so much storage! Much needed for this momma!

  28. Im totally digging the fact that its convertable from one to two. #2 is on the way in December and I’ve been looking for a versatile double stroller

  29. Thank you Celebrity Baby Scoop and Mountain Buggy!!! Would love love love to win a double stroller, due at the begining of Oct with my second child, a little girl! 🙂 I have an almost three year old boy… and days when it’s just the girls the Joey would come in handy for shopping! 🙂

  30. I want this stroller! I’ve been coveting it forever! I love how narrow it is. It’s more narrow than the inline double I have now!

  31. My favorite feature of the Mountain Buggy duet is the internal tote bag because it is made of lightweight recyclable fabric that is eco-friendly.

  32. The stroller looks amazing! The bag feature on the side seems convenient and safe instead of hanging the bag on the stroller and having the worry of the stroller falling back. Great idea! I would love to have this stroller.

  33. I love everything about this stroller!! Most importantly how easy it is switching between single stroller with extra storage and double stroller!!!

  34. Love the versatility and functionality of this stroller. Designed with the urban environment in mind it makes it easier to maneuver around with it’s compact size.

  35. I like that it can be used as a single or double stroller, my wife and I really need this, baby two is almost here, hoping we win

  36. I love that it is very versatile and you do not necessarily have to use it for two children, (i.e. the bag) – and it grows with the needs of your child(ren) – toddler – infant, etc. So that you do not have to keep buying new strollers! It really is an all-in-one!!

  37. I love that for a double stroller how narrow it is, I can’t believe it’s the same width as the Urban Jungle Stroller!

  38. It’s as wide as a single and you could place 2 children in it…and it’s from “mountain buggy” which are known to be very stable….!!!

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