Jackson Rathbone Cradles His Cutie

Meet Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI!

We got our first glimpse of Twilight star Jackson Rathbone‘s new arrival today. The actor and his girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi were spotted heading for a lunch date with their baby boy at Volcano restaurant in West Hollywood, California (September 5).

Born on July 5, Monroe is the first child for the couple. Jackson, 27, talked a bit about impending fatherhood in the months leading up to the birth:

“One of the greatest thing I could expect to be in life is a father,” he gushed. “I’m very excited!”


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  1. Ummm….being a mom the FIRST thing I noticed when I saw these photos was…where in the HELL is a diaper bag?! You don’t go anywhere without a diaper bag. Love you Jay…but you go you a real good baby momma there.

    • Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean they don’t have one with them. And stop being so judgemental of Sheila, she’s not the only parent in this and shouldn’t be expected to to /everything/. Sexist much?

    • Yes, the tattoos are pretty bad imho, but it’s her body and if she likes them, good for her.
      I don’t see, however, why the fact that she’s a stripper should be a problem. Does she not have the right to have a family because of her job? Does it make her a bad mom/wife? I don’t really think so. They seem really happy together.
      The baby is incredibly cute. I wish them all the best. ♥

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