Jamie Lee Curtis: “I Felt Like A Failure As A Mother”

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis graces Good Housekeeping’s October cover, and inside, she tackles her fears, reveals the bravest thing she’s ever done, and opens up about marriage, and her kids Annie, 25, and Tom, 16.

On parenting: “As I focused on how we encourage kids to take risks, I realized that as adults, we don’t do anything new. We eat the same food. Sleep with our husbands the same way. We don’t try new things, yet we want our children to do that every day of their lives. Trying something new and challenging yourself is what life is all about.”

On feeling like a “failure” as a mother: “Failure sounds like there’s an end to it. I struggled with addiction, and for a long time I felt like I was failing. I feel like a failure as a mother a lot, because despite my best efforts, I have replicated parts of how I was parented [that I didn’t want to]. Even though I vowed not to and felt like I was doing it so differently, in many ways I repeated some of the same problems.”

On her sister and her daughter: “To say that my daughter and my sister are my best friends makes me cry. But that doesn’t mean our relationship isn’t a process. My daughter is becoming an independent woman, so naturally you have to separate a little. What’s that adage about having children? “It’s the only time in your life when the goal of the relationship is separation”? The two people I talk to every day are my daughter and my sister. They are both people I’ve had conflict with, and they’re both people I know I can count on.”

On her circle of friends: “Without my women friends, I wouldn’t know anything. They’ve been my teachers and my mothers. My mother was a wonderful person, but she didn’t give me a lot of the stuff I needed to advance myself as an adult woman. I have a really strong group of girlfriends, and we share a lot with one another — the complications of raising children, marriages, personal and physical struggles.”

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