Kourtney Kardashian Shops With Kris & The Kids

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian had her mom Kris Jenner along as she stepped out to do a bit of shopping at trendy Los Angeles boutique Kitson with the kids this weekend (September 1).

We didn’t get a glimpse of the mom-of-two’s baby girl Penelope, who stayed tucked in the stroller while big brother Mason caught a lift with grandma Kris. It looks like Kourtney is still getting used the baby gear: After struggling to get Penelope’s ride folded up and back in the trunk she and her mom eventually called in a security guard to help out!

Just two months after she and her partner Scott Disick welcomed baby Penelope, it sounds like the busy mom is already back to work: “Kardashian Kollection photo shoot all day!!” she Tweeted yesterday. “So excited for our line to launch exclusively at Dorothy Perkins.”


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  1. Almost 3 and I guess Mason isn’t potty trained yet. It’s not like Kourtney has a job and doesn’t have time to train him **SMH**

    • Toilet training isn’t as simple as you appear to think – the child has to be ready to train, and it’s perfectly normal for a child not to be trained yet at Mason’s age. Butt out (excuse the pun ;))

    • I would say Kourtney is constantly working and traveling for the Kardashian empire. It is more diffcult to potty train a child when you are constantly traveling due to child does better with a routine or home bathroom. In general it is also harder to potty train boys. He may also be on his way to being potty trained but mom feels more comfortable when he wears pull ups while out and about saves them accidents.

  2. I thought this was funny, just looking at the pictures – (who needs/wants a WHITE stroller. Yes it is beautiful, but practical? I guess this is what it’s like to be rich – you dont care if it gets dirty because you just buy a new one.)
    Then when I read the article, I thought it was even more funny!!!! That big, gorgeous, white, stroller – and they can’t even get it apart to fit in the trunk! And it’s laying on the ground getting all scratched up. Try collapsing the cover/hood first, before you put it in the trunk.

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