Melanie Brown & Madison: Lunch Date

Melanie Brown and 1-year-old Madison were seen heading to lunch in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday (September 5). Her husband Stephen Belafonte – not pictured – also came along for the outing.

The X Factor judge was dressed casual in jeans, white tank and blue blazer.

When she was pregnant with Madison – Brown admitted in an interview that she indulged in anything she wanted.

She said, “I’ve been eating a lot. All day long. I don’t stop. I eat when I want and what I want.”

“I was like this with my last two pregnancies, too,” added Brown – who has Phoenix, 13, and Angel, 5.

“When I’m really into my fitness routine, I eat super clean, super protein, super organic — super, super healthy. But since I’ve been pregnant, I kind of indulge in the things I wouldn’t usually indulge in.”



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