Robin Thicke & Julian: Grocery Guys

Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke was photographed with 2-year-old son Julian in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (September 1). The pair went grocery shopping at Bristol Farms during the Labor Day long weekend.

We last spotted the father-son duo enjoying the playground in LA’s Coldwater Canyon Park.

The singer is set to perform at the upcoming Macy’s Passport Glamorama show in Los Angeles.

And it appears that’ll be the only passport in his future.

Robin, the 35-year-old son of Canadian actor Alan Thicke, applied for Canadian citizenship for his son — but the application was denied, Canoe reports.

“Robin applied for dual citizenship for my grandson, but they would not do it,” Alan Thicke stated.

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      • Actually there is no difference since biracial means having two races in one’s ancestry and doesn’t differentiate for “amount” of race.

        Not to mention, the whole quadroon, octoroon, etc labels are racist as they were created exclusively for the purpose of discrimination. So people with any African descendants could be prevented from having full citizenry and the privileges therein.

  1. There is no such term as a quadroon that is an offensive word from slavery and no one in there right mind would ever use it today. He is a lovely mixed race child (white & black) and Robin is a great dad.

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