Gwen Stefani: “Being A Mom Is Hard”

There’s No Doubt about it — motherhood is hard work! But is sounds like it hasn’t exactly been a ‘Sweet Escape’ for popstar Gwen Stefani, who graces ELLE UK‘s October issue. Gwen, 42, opens up about her two sons – Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 4 – and the pressures of being a working mom.

On motherhood: “Being a mom is hard, I think a lot of working moms feel that way. [They want] to have time to be themselves as well but, it’s really hard, there’s a price to pay.”

On juggling career and motherhood: “The only thing I really worry about is, again – like, I keep bringing it up because it’s my biggest stress – how do I do this and that? How do I do both? So that’s like the constant battle that I have every day. I do worry about that all the time. There are always days that somebody suffers…Like today, I’m here talking to you and my son is at the beach. It would be super fun to watch his little four-year-old chunky legs running around, you know.”

On making sacrifices: “I’ve missed the last couple of fashion weeks because of school. I can’t leave the kids, I can’t miss the first week of kindergarten. I just can’t.”

On husband Gavin Rossdale: “He’s home now for, like, seven days, so just him being home makes everything different. In a good way. But also in a hard way because it changes everything.”

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  1. oh. my. goodness. this woman is really suffering. i mean, she’s missed the last couple fashion weeks because of her kids. please. gwen wouldn’t last a day being a real working mother without nannies, household help, a husband who can be home for a week, and all the other various perks she enjoys. i don’t begrudge her her good fortune. i just don’t want to listen to her self-identify as a working mother. she is a woman of privilege. she doesn’t have the first clue what real life is like in the trenches.

  2. Being a mom is hard, Gwen???!!!!! With all your freakin nannies that are with you every second of every single day?! Seriously, its women like this that truly have NO CLUE how blessed they are to even have kids AND to be financially “wealthy”. She is so clueless!

    • “recent” pix??!!! it’s been like that since day one — you never see Gwen out alone with her kids spending time one-on-one. God forbid should she get a muddy shoeprint on her beautiful clothes or ruin her manicured nails …..

  3. Totally agree with the other comments – Gwen complaining about how hard it is to be a mom is a complete joke. Even in the context of Hollywood, Gwen is probably the least hands-on parent who is never without her nannies. On a side note, I’m surprised “Janna” hasn’t jumped in and defended Gwen or at least made scathing comments about the other posters.

    • I don’t know who “Janna” is, but I think a bunch of woman getting themselves in an uproar about something a celebrity said is freaking hysterical!

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