Adam Sandler & Girls: Fun At The Fair

Happy Gilmore star Adam Sandler was spotted with wife Jackie and their two daughters – Sadie, 6, and Sunny, 3 – in Malibu, Calif. on Monday (September 3). The group were joined by friends as they enjoyed a fun day at the fair.

The day before, the Sandlers were seen enjoying the beautiful beaches of Malibu during the Labor Day long weekend.

The actor, 45, is currently filming Grown Ups 2, costarring Kevin James, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek and Maria Bello to name a few.


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  1. I really wonder what Sadie will look like when older… she’s not the cutest of the bunch. I know I’ll get slammed for saying that, but I also know we’re all thinking it. Actually, I was a hideous child myself and I guess I turned out average-looking. Some cute children turn into ugly adults (Macaulay Culkin) and some not stunning children turn into stunning adults (most top models). I’m curious with her!

  2. It annoys me how its so politically incorrect to say whether a kid is cute or not. That kid is funny looking. Looks like a female version of dad. She won’t be a good looking adult either. Money can’t buy everything…

  3. Sadie looks just like Sarah Mitchell Gellar’s daughter Charlotte. Do these girls have a mother because she is never with them.

  4. I think shes cute, shes got a uniqueness about her, not the classic blonde/blue eyed cute but she will be adorable as a teen for sure.

  5. She isnt one of your drop dead gorgeous babies but l think sometimes when little girls look so much like their fathers (i.e willow smith) you tend to find it hard to think of them as really cute girls. Not everyone gets the luck of the draw in the looks department. Most kids are average looking but to their parents they are gorgeous and thats all that matters.

  6. Sadie is the clone of her father and I’ve never seen a smile on her face. Watch Jack and Jill to see what Sadie will look like in 20 years. The little sis is adorable!

  7. The truth is these kids are really ugly.. Especially the eldest, she’s just like her father with a wig. Ugly. So what? They’re not going to be bad persons because of that, they seem really funny and hands on.
    I also think it’d not wrong to comment on celebrities, even to say that they’re ugly, that’s what gossip is about, that’s what websites like that are about: to satisfy our curiosity and to let us comment.. 🙂 Peace and love!

  8. Oh, and I have to say something else as well: I don’t think they’re going to improve that much growing up.. Look at Bruce Willis’ daughters: ugly dad, the kids looks exactly like him, ugly young women now… But come on, it’s not a crime not being beautiful! 🙂

  9. Hopefully, the ugly ducklings will turn into swans. Can’t help it but they look like they could be Tori Spellings children. Goes to show money can’t buy everything. Adam, do not bring misery to future children. Stop having babies, it’s not in the genes.

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