January Jones & Her Flyguy

Mad Men star January Jones was photographed with her 11-month-old son Xander at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (September 1). The single mom wore a splash of color with comfy jeans as the pair arrived into town.

Last month, we spotted the mother-son duo enjoying the sun in Malibu.

The actress, 34 – who plays Betty Draper in AMC series Mad Men – is Xander’s lone parent, though she has support from her own mom and dad.

January has refused to name Xander’s father since she became pregnant and she even opted to keep his name off the birth certificate.

She has previously dated Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban, Jason Sudekis and has also been linked to celebrity chef Bobby Flay.


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  1. Xander certainly is cute. Really resembles Matthew Vaughn, he has the same eye and face shape as Vaughn, but January’s blue eyes. He also has Vaughn’s hairline.
    Such a cute baby, though.

  2. I used to think people who said he was Jason Sudekis’ son were off the mark, I thought he was Matthew Vaughan’s baby, too- but I saw some pictures of JS the other day where the resemblance between him and Xander were undeniable. I now think those who say he is Jason Sudekis’ son are right on the money!! Anyway, whoever his father is or isn’t, this little guy is a major cutie! 🙂

  3. Xander is adorable. I also love January’s red hair! Every time I look at baby, I think he looks just like Jason Sudeikis, but I don’t think I’d think that if I hadn’t heard his name tossed into the ring as possible father. Obviously it’s none of our business… and regardless, if he keeps looking like him, he’s gonna be a handsome boy!! There are definitely worse guys to resemble!

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