Jenna Fischer & Family: Charitable In LA

The Office star Jenna Fischer and husband Lee Kirk took their son Weston, 11 months, shopping at Ralph’s in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (September 1). The adorable tot went barefoot with a blue cap for the afternoon outing.

After leaving the grocery store, they ran into a family in need and asking for help. The nearby paparazzi caught some images of Jenna and Lee taking the time to talk to them, and reaching inside their grocery bags to help out.

The final season of The Office is in the works, and according to Jenna, tears have already been shed.

“Kate [Flannery, who plays Meredith] and I already cried together,” Jenna, who portrays Pam on the long-running series, told US Weekly. “We knew it was our last season, but we weren’t allowed to say anything, but, when the announcement came down that day, we were all in a scene together . . . And so it was emotional when we all realized the rest of the world knew too because it made it very real.”


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  1. They were so sweet to do what they did for that family. And Weston is adorable!

    Torn on being sad and relieved about The Office ending. It’s definitely time and I wanted it to be over, but at the same time, I’m not sure if I’m ready to let it go.

  2. i am sure i will be ripped apart for this, but that young family has nice clothes, toms and a baby bjorn. those items could easily be sold, they could buy cheaper versions and still pocket some cash. i’ve hard times – and most of my luxury items got sold until i was doing fine again. then i started slowly rebuilding, which i am still doing. no joke – the $300 stroller that my son was getting too big for, was sold for $180. i got him a $25 umbrella stroller (we were doing a lot of walking to daycare, etc.) and just like that had $155 for groceries and his prescriptions.

    • Allie, I do agree with you and like your attitude when times were getting tough for you, you used your incentive to resolve problem instead of looking for a hand out but many people don’t want to do that. They want to keep their luxury items and just get a hand out from the public and/or the government.

      • You and allie have judged all that from this photo? First of all, they are both wearing white t-shirt and what looks to be jeans. How can you even tell how “nice” they are?

        And that baby bjorn? Could have been given by a family member? Could belong to someone else and they’re borrowing it? Could have been passed down from someone who doesn’t need it anymore?

        I don’t know if these people are lazy, con artists or genuinely need some help… and the fact is, neither do you.

    • You are definitely right about that!!! Also this family looks alot like a family that goes around the Valley coning people out of money and groceries when in fact they drive a Mercedes and have money!!! It’s a shame how people take advantage when in fact there really are people in need

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