Katherine Heigl’s Precious Cargo

Actress Katherine Heigl touched down at LAX in Los Angeles, California today with some very precious cargo: Her adorable daughter Adalaide (September 6)!

The former Grey’s Anatomy star and her husband Josh Kelley were spotted arriving at the airport with their baby girl in tow. Katherine was beaming, lovingly toting her babe as the trio greeted her sister Meg.

The busy mom-of-two – she and Josh are also parents to 3-year-old daughter Naleigh – will be back on the big screen next month in The Big Wedding. The star-powered romantic comedy also features Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace and Susan Sarandon.


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    • The other daughter was left back in Utah with the nanny. It’s sad that now that they got a baby the older daughter gets the shaft. But that’s not surprising considering it’s Katherine Heigl and her whipped husband we’re talking about.

        • I have to agree with Rachel a bit here. It’s not like Katherine was going on some business trip to some far off city and staying in some hotel. They’re in LA and they’re at their home (there are pics of Katherine at her house). Katherine, her husband and in other pics Katherine’s mom, Nancy, all went to LA and were greeted by Katherine’s sister when they arrived. I feel bad for Naleigh that her mom, dad, sister and grandma all left for LA and it’s like they can’t be bothered with her so they left her behind in Utah. It does seem that the new baby is getting most (if not all) of the attention and Naleigh has become a bit of an afterthought.

          • it seems you’ve forgotten that naleigh has a whole other family. josh’s family. she very well could be enjoying time with them.

  1. Oh come on. Angie travels alone sometimes with 2 or 3 kids alone (with nanny). And they can’t even take Naleigh and the nanny. I really don’t like favouritism.

    • The difference is Heigil’s husband is with her, and I think that’s why people question why they would travel with Adalaide but leave to Naleigh.

      when Angilena travels with 2 or 4 of her kids Brad is back with the others The kids are never left without one parent being left behind with them, when one is traveling.

  2. considering naleigh is almost 4, is it not possible that she is visiting her grandparents?? do we automatically have to assume that she is with the nanny and not getting any time with her parents because of the “new baby”. i think it’s been made pretty clear how much they love naleigh. from her fathers song about her, to her mother doing interviews with her because naleigh simply wanted her mommy – it’s clear to me they love their little girl. she’s probably with her grandparents. my daughter is 3.5 and just spent a week with her grandmother in another state, it doesn’t mean i don’t love her.

  3. I have 5 grandchildren. I don’t keep them all at the same time. Does that mean I’m showing favortism? Sometimes parents don’t take all their children and that doesn’t mean there’s something bad going on. Sheesh, keeping score is not a good habit.

  4. You people must not have kids. Traveling with a toddler is SO much harder than traveling with a baby. Toddlers have preferences, tantrums, need to be entertained 24/7, ask for things, get tired of walking… Babies eat on your lap, sleep on your lap, play on your lap… You can give them your keys and they’ll be entertained. Not the same with toddlers. So perhaps, they left Naleigh at home for her own comfort, not only theirs.

    • You do realize that a flight between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles is about an hour and half max? I’m sure Naleigh won’t be too distressed having to be on a plane for an hour and a half and can be entertained for that amount of time. Besides, they do have a nanny so if Katherine, her husband and her mom don’t want to deal with a toddler, they could have the hired help do that for them (instead of having the nanny take care of Naleigh in Utah). And if being on a plane for a little over an hour is the “price” Naleigh has to pay to be with her family, I think she’d gladly pay it.
      Katherine really only likes to have Naleigh around when she has to promote herself and her movies. That’s when we see her taking Naleigh on to talk shows, photoshoots and making “unexpected” appearances whilst Katherine is giving an interview. Come on now.

      • How could you possibly know all of this? Are you Katherine’s BFF? Or Naleigh’s babysitter? Maybe Naleigh was with her grandparents… maybe Naleigh is already home. Get a life.

  5. hey bee – adelaide is mixed. she’s not just “white”. and just an fyi – a baby is a baby. i’m happy that katherine and josh love children for being children, and not for the color of their skin.

  6. They now have 2 kids Adalaide (who they just adopted) pictured above and their other daughter Naleigh (who’s 3 that they adopted several years ago). Meg is Katherine’s sister!

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