Tobey Maguire Runs Errands With The Kids

Tobey Maguire took his kids Ruby, 5, and Otis, 3, out to run errands in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday (September 3). They stopped at a market to do some shopping. Mom Jennifer Meyer wasn’t with them.

In movie news the actor has been cut out of Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi. It turns out that his performance simply wasn’t “working,” and that he’s been replaced by the lower-profile Rafe Spall.

Tobey who was in Lee’s The Ice Storm – is reportedly too well known for the role.

In the meantime he’s still working on other projects. He might be teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy to produce an untitled animal-trafficking drama set up at Warner Bros.



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  1. Yeah. I was going to say boxers or a swimsuit. They have always been strange or eclectic dressers. But I did notice that Otis has apparently had a little hair trim. You can’t see from the pictures, but I bet it makes his little face stand out more. He has such feminine features, that when his hair was SO long, it was swallowing his face.

  2. Toby was on top of the world with his career but has been spiralling down for several years now. There is something wrong when a director who has worked with an actor before (ice house) cuts him from the film. Something major is going on with Toby McGuire. He must have some serious issues because no body can work with him anymore.

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