Naomi Watts & Sons: Dog Day Afternoon

Actress Naomi Watts was photographed with her two sons – Sasha, 5, and Kai, 3 – along with her mother Miv and the family dog in New York City on Thursday (September 6). The day before, papa Liev Schreiber was seen picking up some dry cleaning with Kai in SoHo.

“I suppose I might consider having another child — if someone could guarantee me it would be a girl,” Naomi tells The Sun.

She adds: “Two boys can be a lot to handle and sometimes you think it would be easier with two girls playing with their tea sets and dolls. But Liev loves having two boys.”

While jet-setting across the globe for their various film projects, the actress says they try to turn their trips into educational experiences.

“We try to turn our trips into a big adventure and not just hang around our hotel,” she says. “I think children can have a more valuable education at their age by seeing the world as opposed to sitting in a room playing with blocks and finger-painting.”

Naomi went on to talk about her journey to motherhood.

“I always wanted to have children when I was in my early twenties,” she shares. “Then, when I was living in LA, it was a question of trying to survive in the business and I wasn’t in any state to even think about family. I also thought that I needed to establish myself in life and gain more wisdom and self-awareness.”

“I’m probably a better parent now than I would have been in my twenties,” she admits.

“It was important for me to achieve my dreams as an actress and that has given me a greater sense of ease as a mother, knowing that I’ve already achieved something and not worrying about whether I do one more film or less,” she adds.

Naomi is set to play Princess Diana in the biopic, Diana.

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