Ellen DeGeneres On Children: “I Don’t Want To Have Any”

It seems talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has no desire to expand her family –  ever.

When the 54-year-old comedienne  – who is currently married to actress Portia de Rossi, 39 –  appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, Ellen was questioned about persisting rumors that she and Portia are in search of a sperm donor to start a family.

“I heard you and Portia are having a baby,” host Jay Leno, 62, asks. “Is this true?”

“I’m here for your sperm,” Ellen jokes. “That is not true. I don’t know why people want this. I’ve said it so many times: We are not going to have a child. And they say that we’re looking for the right donor.”

“Although, you would be a good donor, so I’ll keep it in mind, just in case,” she continues to jest. “I mean, it would have beautiful blue eyes, and a good sense of humor, and a good shot at a NBC show. We would do well.”

Ellen – who is currently days away from the season 10 premiere of her daytime talk show titled The Ellen DeGeneres Show – goes on to explain that although she has no issues with children, parenthood is not for her.

“I don’t want to have one. I don’t want to have six. I don’t want to have any,” she comments. “They’re precious to look at and I love them. We have nieces and I love them very much. [But I] don’t want ’em.”

In her 2011 book titled Seriously…I’m Kidding, Ellen made light of the pressure to procreate, writing that “people are constantly asking Portia and me if we are going to have children. We thought about it. We love to be around children after they’ve been fed and bathed. But we ultimately decided that we don’t want children of our own. There is far too much glass in our house.”

Ellen and Portia were married in 2008 at their home in California.


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  1. How truly selfish of them to deny… haha just kidding!

    It’s a huge commitment and a personal decision everyone has to make for themselves. Unfortunately, there’s so much stigma with choosing not to have children. I don’t really understand that. I suppose it’s just one of those things that all married couples get asked about ad nauseam.

    They’re great with or without kids.

  2. Well, I am glad she and her homosexual partner don’t want any children. Don’t believe in any homosexuals raising children. I feel sorry for the kids with those kind of people. They should be raised with a Mom and a Dad and that is the way it should be!

    • Trust me, Sarah, there are a lot of people who feel sorry for YOU and YOUR kind of people… stop worrying about other people’s lives and focus on living a compassionate and open-minded life yourself.

  3. “Currently” married? Are we expecting them to break up? And Ellen hasn’t been married before, either…

    Great picture of the two of them! Good for Ellen for speaking out against the ridiculous notion that everyone should be having kids. If someone doesn’t want kids, more power to them! We’re overpopulated on earth as it is…

  4. I have a lot of admiration for people in showbiz who don’t have kids. It has to be hectic balancing your career and raising kids. And considering they’re same sex and high profile I’d worry about threats from bigoted groups.

  5. Why is there such stigma on women ‘needing’ to have children? Not everyone is cut out to be a parent, and some people with kids really shouldn’t have them. I adore my 14 nieces and nephews, but I don’t want my own children.

    What that about Ellen being ‘currently married’?

  6. Not only is ellen gay, but she is 54 and married to an actress that’s 39! Wft that would make her almost like a sugar daddy or a cougar, but lesbian form!
    This just proves how messed up the world is.
    And btw people the currently married is because most famous people always get divorced, obviously not gay people because they don’t have that many selections, thank God. But currently is because it is a current relationship, doesn’t mean it’s gonna end soon, but they want to keep it open-end.

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