Lily-Rose Depp Shops At The Grove

Lily-Rose Depp, 13 – the daughter of Johnny Depp and ex Vanessa Paradis – was spotted stepping out for some shopping with an unidentified female at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (September 9).

Vanessa recently opened up about her split from the Alice In Wonderland star, stating that “when you meet the love of your life, it’s just obvious and natural and easier. You keep learning all the time. Sometimes you could be in an unhappy relationship; you are very much in love with someone, but it’s making you unhappy and you think things can change and you can work it out.”

Since their split, Johnny has been romantically linked to his Rum Diary costar Amber Heard while Vanessa has been dating millionaire French businessman Guy-David Gharbi.


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  1. Wow… this outfit manages to be at’s at the time ugly, unflattering and totally unappropriate. Does anybody look after this girl or are Mummy and Daddy too busy being cool to parent her anymore?

  2. I could understand that kind of attire at the beach, boardwalk, or the pool, but at a regular market place? Hell no. And this is coming from a 21-year-old female who isn’t afraid to wear revealing clothing…where it’s appropriate. I recall Johnny saying several years ago that he’d be chasing the boys away with a shotgun. Certainly doesn’t like that’ll be happening here.

  3. Shirt looks like it was washed on wrong cycle and shrunk or is for a five year old.

    Unfortunatley, sometimes this is the result when people are splitting up. They are so focused on themselves and the end of their relationship that the children are often go under supervised OR one parents says you cant wear that so other one says they can.

  4. She is a closet pedophiles dream, she looks like shes 8! Why does she dress like a stripper about to go full frontal nude on some stage? She needs to dress like a child, her parents let her out of the house like this???? Johnny should know what men think when they see a kid like this, he is e is a guy so he knows how men think wow I will never let my little girl out of the house looking like this, sad but true but men will NOT look at her like shes a child.

  5. Angela – you took the words right out of my mouth? Anytime you see her, she has the same shorts on. And you can tell they’re the same because the pockets stick out. Digusting how they let her dress.

  6. Poor little lost Lily’s on the “strole” again. If my memory serves me right,…. she has worn much MORE provacative clothing at younger ages. At least she seems to have removed the 2″ talons she used to wear. I’ll be ANYTHING that she already smokes, or will be smoking within the next 12 months. Hopefully not anything worse. But hey, even if she does…. Mommy and Daddy won’t even notice.

    Could this be a French thing?

    • I’m French and there is no way I would let my child dress this way. And none of my friends would let their child dress this way either. And that wouldn’t be a problem because neither my daughter or any of her friends would want to dress like this.

  7. those shorts are nasty, pull them out of your crotch sweetie.
    and something just isn’t right about her…..she’s not proportionate. I think her head is way too big for her body, and she has no neck.

    • You are disgusting. Not only will you bash her choice of clothing, but you’ve moved on to insulting the body proportions of a 13-year old. I see something nasty, but it isn’t her.

  8. I dont mean any hating here, but every time i see pics of this girl she creeps me out. I don’t know if it’s the outfits or something else. But somehow i feel like she has the body of a 10 year old combined with a face of a 20 year old.

  9. The outfit is cute, it is just her body hasn’t developed to fit it yet. I am not a fan of little girls and even teenage girls dressing years beyond their age. I just think certain things comes with an age, even in clothing.

  10. She wears this every damn day of her life! I can not believe that Johnny approves of this! It has to be Vanessa letting her little child out of the house like a common street walker! She looks like she’s on her way to work at the 7th Veil! OMG Johnny has to know that men are looking at this child (dressed like a hooker) with sexual thoughts! She is a pretty little girl and why her mother and father don’t try to at least curb this is upsetting. Johnny has got to know what all the blogs are saying about his little girl.I don’t buy that he doesn’t do the internet excuse either cause his publicist robin baum sure does and she tells him what every one is saying. !This is just ridiculous.

  11. I’m a stodgy old man, but to me this outfit looks good. It’s tastefully put together, and the wearer looks totally at ease in it. It also looks like just the thing for a hot day in L.A. What terrible breach of modesty has she committed? To show she has legs. BFD.

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