Happy 9th Birthday James Farrell!

Name: James Padraig Farrell

Date of Birth: September 12, 2003

Parents: Colin Farrell & Kim Bordenave

Siblings: Henry, 2


♥ James was born at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ He weighed 7lbs & 9oz at birth

♥ In October 2007, his dad revealed that James suffers from Angelman syndrome – a rare genetic disorder characterized by intellectual and developmental delay


“What my first son James did was allow me to care for something in this world when I couldn’t care for myself. James saved my life.” – papa Colin on how first time fatherhood changed him.

“I’m very aware of trying to be as judicious with my language as possible. I had my kid saying ‘sh*t, sh*t’ when he spilled something the other day. At least it was an appropriate use of the word.” – Colin on James picking up his bad habits.

“I was nervous when I first introduced them to each other and, of course, I was afraid that I’d love one more than the other. But the heart expands accordingly and it’s really lovely. I’m a lot more present with Henry than I was in the first few years of James’s life and it’s all been lovely.” – Colin on his two sons.

“James is kind of obsessed with water. He’s not a great swimmer but he just loves being close to it and in and around it. It’s one of the characteristics of the condition that he has.The doctor saw him one day and said, ‘Is he always this happy…and does he always kind of flap his arms like that?’” And we said, ‘Yes.’ And he said, ‘And how does he feel about water?’ and we said, ‘Oh, water’s fascinating (to him).’ “He went, ‘Has he been tested for Angelman Syndrome?’ We didn’t know what that was.” – Colin on how doctors originally misdiagnosed James with cerebral palsy but his love for water led to a diagnosis of Angelman syndrome instead.

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