Jessica Simpson’s Happy Family

So sweet!

Jessica Simpson shared a few new photos of her adorable daughter Maxwell on Instagram this week, including this cute shot that she captioned, “Happy Family.”

After much tabloid talk, Jessica debuted her post-baby weight loss on Katie on Monday, revealing that she has just 10lbs to go before she’s back at her pre-pregnancy weight.

The 31-year-old singer also took the opportunity to gush about her fiance Eric Johnson, saying, “People call him the best dad in the world. Even my dad calls him that! He can do everything. He can change every diaper . . . he’s just a very peaceful person.”


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    • Can’t we just for a moment presume that this child’s parents are NOT idiots and would never leave her alone with a scarf around her neck?

      • Not when it is Jessica Simpson!..You know the one, “is this chicken or tuna?” Now it’s “lets accessorize the baby! Scarves, tiny jewelry, string bikinis YE HAW!”

          • Well I hate to say that but if she puts her baby in bed with a scarf and that poor little things choke, that would be beyond horrible, but it would be her fault no? It’s like leaving a baby alone on the bath… That just break my heart. Some accidents can happen, Some should’t I’m sorry.

            You don’t let your baby alone in the bath, on the changing table or in bed with a scarf (but I agree, she is probably not stupid enough to leave her precious daughter alone with that scarf)

      • Ok, it’s a scraf>>> Duhhhh People ALWAYS have something negative to say. Jessica & Eric probably went back & fourth with the scraf idea,unsure of what OTHER’S would think.

        I’m glad they said WHAT THE HECK, & chose to put it on her, she looks too cute!! I’m 100% sure they wont leave her unattended with the scraf..
        #judgemental people.. smdh

    • Haha, yeah it looks definitely stupid. I think headbands are enugh accessorizes when it comes to pimping your baby. But Maxwell turns out to be a cutiepie!

  1. A scarf around a baby’s neck is not sensible, end of. No one could move fast enough if it became tangled and, heaven forbid, started pulling on her neck.Regardless, why even take the chance?

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