John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s Beautiful Benjamin

Now here’s a lovely family we don’t see very often.

Actor John Travolta, 58, was photographed with his wife Kelly Preston and their nearly 2-year-old son Benjamin as the trio stepped out of their George V hotel in Paris, France today (September 12). Joined by their 12-year-old daughter Ella Bleu (not pictured), the family soaked up the sights and sounds of Paris before enjoying a bite to eat at Pizza Pino restaurant.

Rumor has it that John and family are in Paris to celebrate Kelly’s 50th birthday next month. According to, the actor flew out a small group of friends to aid in the festivities.

“The celebration begins Saturday, September 8 and goes on until Wednesday, September 12. Female guests are packing fancy gowns because they’ve been told they will be attending a series of birthday parties in the City of Light.”


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  1. Well that is one A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E child. Haven’t seen this little cutie pie in for a while. He looks like both of his parents! He has grown so much and his eyes are just wow!!!

    • Well Elizabeth I take it you have been in his closet and all the National Enquirer reporters hiding in there told you so therefore it just must be true. Why are Americans so obsessed with knowing what consenting adults are doing behind closed doors? Who cares about his sex life? The state of his marriage is also nobodies business. Do you tell your neighbours , family and friends the truth about your sex life? Maybe they wish you would be honest.They are happy, be happy for them or leave them be and mind your own business. .

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