Pink: “My Life Finally Makes Sense”

There You Go singer Pink and her adorable daughter Willow, 15 months, were spotted in London, England on Wednesday (September 12). The mother-daughter duo went shopping at Harrods with the help of an assistant.

We just spotted the pretty pair boarding a private jet to London town.

“Life is different,” Pink tells Herald Sun of her family: husband Carey Hart and their sweet daughter.

“But life is infinitely better,” she shares. “Carey has been trying to get me to go to sleep at 9pm for 10 years. He’s always been like that, because he’s an athlete. He tells me, ‘See, it’s rad, you wake up before the sun.'”

The Grammy Award-winning singer is currently promoting her sixth album, The Truth About Love — and apparently the recording process was much different now that she’s a mom.

“Usually I go a week straight until three in the morning: whisky, cigarettes and tears,” she says. “This time it was Monday through Friday, 1pm-10pm, home to pump by 10.30pm.”

A lifelong smoker, the 33-year-old is now nicotine-free for the first time since her teens. “It’s so easy when you have to [quit]. When you give yourself a choice that’s when you f— up.,” the new mom says.

And she reveals the no-nonsense collaboration with none other than rap superstar Eminem.

“He was like ‘Do a song with me’, f—- yeah. I said ‘Do a song on my album’ he said f—- yeah. Handshake, nothing signed, done,” Pink says. “I still think we have another song in our future that will be funny and sh– talking, we just didn’t have time.”

As for her gorgeous girl, Pink says the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. “She’s definitely got my attitude,” she says.

But is she ready for the rebellious phase?

“I feel like I can handle things. That’s what I say now,” Pink admits. “I feel Carey and I are such good friends, we’re such communicators. She’s just going to be part of our gypsy family.”

“Lately I’ve had some examples of really healthy children and healthy child/parent relationships,” she says. “I feel it’s possible. Mind you, I’m going to carry her to her prom in a Baby Bjorn, I’m needier than she is,” she jokes.

And it sounds like more children are on the agenda.

“I’m totally built for this,” Pink says.

“My life finally makes sense,” she admits. “Carey wants a boy so bad but I think his karma is to have all girls. Then we’ll get girl dogs. And a girl pony. Or maybe one of those mini-pygmy ponies. A girl mini-pony that’s a real bitch. And then me.”

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