Baby Bump Watch For Kate Middleton?

Could there be a royal baby on-the-way?

The internet is abuzz over Kate Middleton‘s recent eating etiquette. With just one day into her and Prince William‘s Diamond Jubilee tour of the South Pacific, baby bump watch is on!

Why this time? Kate’s choice of beverage — which was of the nonalcoholic variety.

Speculation was ignited Tuesday night when the 30-year-old Duchess of Cambridge turned down a glass of wine at an event in Singapore, opting instead for water during two toasts made in honor of the queen, E! News reports.

Granted, William went for water as well, so perhaps it was just the jet-lag?

During one of their stops Wednesday, a visit to the Rainbow Centre, the royal couple were asked how many children they would like. “Two,” the Prince replied.

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  1. It doesn’t mean much. Many woman who are trying to get pregnant opt to drink water just to be on the safe side because they could be pregnant and don’t know it yet.

  2. A life of privelege must be great, but man, I wonder how long it takes before you get sick of everyone speculating about every breath you take.

  3. I saw pics from Singapore and to me she is looking fuller, and also there were pics of her in a light grey pleated dress where I’m pretty sure I saw a very small bump. She’s also wearing a lot of peplum-style and pleats… can you just imagine how gorgeous this child will be? And tall!!

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