Farrah Abraham To Star In Her Own Reality TV Spin-off

Goodbye Teen Mom… Hello spin-off series!

According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham‘s reality television career is just beginning as the 20-year-old mama is almost finished finalizing a deal to star in her own reality spinoff.

“I’m just closing on it,” Farrah says. “It’s gonna be just about me and my life.”

Although Farrah remained tight lipped on certain show details, the Iowa native – who first found fame alongside Maci Bookout, 21, Amber Portwood, 22, and Catelynn Lowell, 20, on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant in 2009 – has been making the most of her time in the spotlight since Teen Mom‘s series finale aired August 28th. She has released several songs in mid-August as well as her first autobiography titled My Teenage Dream Ended.

“Happily it’s a New York Times best seller, and so many moms come with their babies [to book events], so [my daughter] has been playing with them,” the aspiring model claims. “At every book signing, it’s a huge turnout — even in my hometown! I was so surprised.”

And speaking of Sophia…

“She’s wonderful,” Farrah gushes. “I’ve been working so much, but I fly out tomorrow to see her. I’m so excited! She’s like my mini-me. I’m in love with her.”

“[Sophia’s] so smart I put her in early learning school. . . I’m trying to get her to skip some grades!” she adds.


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  1. This is the worst of the Teen Mom 1 cast. I cannot handle how disrespectful she is to her mother and “Michael” her father, yet she expects them to babysit her child for months on end, drive her belongings in a U-haul from Nebraska to Florida, give her a place to live, and on and on. All she does is say horrible things to them and they take it. Now this b*tch gets her own show? What a joke

    • Buts that’s why she getting her own show, sadly they won’t give the teen mom who not about the drama and takes care of her child and works had a Reality show.

      People are all about the drama and love to watch it on TV that’s why shows like “keeping up with the kardashians” and “honey boo boo child” are so popular sadly.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please no one watch this show, it will just encourage her to make further career mistakes.

    Her main beef with her mom (as said on the recent Dr. Drew check-in) is that Debra wasn’t around a lot during her childhood and worked too much. Farrah is doing the same thing with Sophia and just ships her off whenever she’s had enough.


    However, I highly doubt her cooking skills are enough to get her by in life either. This is the same girl who messed up a cannoli and bought pre-made pizza crust for a homework assignment.

    I just want her to go away!

    • I didn’t mean to dislike this comment. I actually agree very much. Maci has taken care of Bentley his entire life and Catelynn did a very painful thing for the benefit of Carly and yet this girl who complain about everything get parents do for her and hardly ever has her daughter is getting a show. That’s just wrong on so many levels

  3. Its probably going to be showing how psycho she is with her boyfriends! Remember how she wanted to talk marriage with that guy she dated for 1 month? CRAZY!!!

  4. Oh gessh…really? I can’t handle any more of here..she’ll do anything to stay in the spotlight..modeling,singing??, and a freaking book….No way I can watch this one..she is so rude. Her mom might be crazy but watching those 2 go at it constantly and always in fron of her daughter..who she can’t even watch after most of the time..her daughter is so spoiled..I mean come on she paints the dog with nail polish and they laugh at it..that’s a good way to teach your toddler rights and wrong..sigh.
    and then her trying to date..ha you’ll never gonna get a guy to stick around when you’ve been dating les then a month and you ask him when he’ll be popping the question..and you look at wedding dresses and rings whil shopping with him..and not to mention how rude you were to his parents at dinner…I’d run for the hills too lol.

    Out of all of the girl we all knew Farah would be the one doing anything to stay in the spotlight.

    Now if it was Maci with her own shw i’d def. watch..she’s a wonderful and seems to look after her son in the right way..plus Bentley’s is freaking cute! But I can understand her not wanting him raised in the spotlight.

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