Kristin Cavallari: “Apparently Camden Is A Popular Name”

We’re not the only ones who noticed!

New mom Kristin Cavallari took to Twitter Thursday morning to point out the obvious. “Apparently Camden is a popular name!” she wrote, regarding the fact that her baby boy Camden bears the same name as Nick and Vanessa Lachey‘s newborn son.

Five weeks after The Hills star gave birth to Camden Jack on August 8, Nick and ‘Ness welcomed their first child Wednesday — and they named him Camden John.

Kristin, 25, quickly following up with a second Tweet to express her genuinity.

“By the way that wasn’t a bitchy tweet at all…I obviously love the name and I’m glad other people do too,” the Laguna Beach alum wrote.

By all accounts, it seems like a huge Hollywood coincidence.

“I tell everybody we’ve been yelling it around the house. Nick and I love it,” Vanessa said in July of their chosen baby name.


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  1. duh.
    i love when people don’t check the popularity of the name they choose, then are so shocked to find out it’s in the top 5.
    they say “well i dont know ANY camdens!” ….unless you work at a daycare or hang out with a lot of toddlers you won’t know them.

    • I agree. I have a friend who named her daughter Sophia and thought she was being SO unique! LOL. You can’t just assume it’s not popular just because you don’t know anyone with the name.

  2. Haha, she can’t hide the snidey undertone to that Tweet – clearly she was a bit annoyed that another child could possibly be given the same name that she clearly thinks she owns now.
    Funny celebrities….

  3. Tweet does sound s bit catty… HOWEVER If Nick and Vanessa picked name in July and announced it publicly then it seems like Kristen and her man may have “stolen” idea for Camden from them.

  4. I’m sure nick and vanessa were shocked when Kristin came out with her baby’s name first… they said they had theirs picked out for a long time. Seems like a coincidence, but I doubt either side is truly pleased to share it considering they probably thought it was truly yooneeke.

  5. my daughter was going to be named Camden if she had been a boy. and i was pregnant/picking out names back in 2008. It wasn’t common then, but it is SO popular now! that’s why i love my daughters name – Jessa. Well, her first name is really Jessalynn but we call her Jessa. It’s never even been in the top 1000 names, yet it’s not “weird”.

      • well, we do live in texas.. lol 🙂 plus, my mom and i’s middle name is lynn, and her father’s mothers name has lynn in it as well. there was no question that lynn would be in her name!

      • Amy, i Looooooove the name Jessa.. All my kids will have ‘J’ names- I have Jolie and Johnathan Jr right now. One of the Duggars daughters name is Jessa and i’ve loved it since I heard it. Great name for your daughter!!

        • I never watched the duggars shows until my daughter was 2 months old, but now when it’s on my Jessa (she’s 3 1/2) will say “oh look, its the other jessa!” lol I think she thinks they are the only 2 in the world! haha

      • Aww cute! I met a lady who was 87 years old and her name was Jessamine. She heard me talking to my daughter while we were grocery shopping and heard me say “Jessa”. She asked if her name was Jessica and when I told her that it was in fact Jessa(lynn) she was so surprised! It’s a pretty rare name, but I just love it!

  6. Nice save, too bad it didn’t work. That tweet could of been worded differently, obviously she thought that tweet might have sounded a bit like she was annoyed. Nick and Vanessa probably had that name chosen from the get-go. Whatevs!

  7. You’d think that somebody named Kristin would understand that names get trendy. She should ask her friends Jennifer, Emily and Sophia.

    • Yeah, I know that now. I didn’t know that when I was pregnant with my daughter – I didn’t even know who they were. But I didn’t name my daughter Jessa expecting no one else to ever have that name. I just liked that it isn’t common.

      Growing up @ an Amy, I knew plenty of other Amy’s and it was confusing in the 3rd grade when we had 3 Amy’s in the same class. I didn’t want my daughter to have to go through class being Olivia H. Even tho I truly love the name Olivia. I still love her name and actually kind like when I hear about someone else having the name – it means I (hopefully) didn’t give my daughter a horrible name lol

  8. who the hell cares she’s not famous and people copy each other for names all the time. it’s like had Nell Newman ever had a daughter she probably would’ve named her Joanne Eliza after her mother Joanne Woodward and family friend Elizabeth Taylor and nobody would’ve said nada

  9. I think the above picture is old, from when she was still pregnant. I agree though, i’m sure she’ll care more about her appearance than anything else.

  10. I always think of the Camdens from 7th heaven back in the day LOL APPARENTLY Kristien, your tweet was totally a jab. You’ve always had an opinion and a big mouth.

  11. Wow! Oh snap, this should be breaking news… This is so stupid and petty! She seems to be pissy about it, grow up and move on. This is pathetic!

  12. Come on guys! Kristin just wanted to make a nice and surprised joke about the coincidence of the two names, why are you questioning everything?
    She sent the second text because people were starting thinking that her first was angry or so…
    She was just normally surprised that another “Hollywood” couple chose the same name just a month after her, but I don’t see any bad feeling in that..

    • You KNOW why they’re doing it.


      The vast majority of women are unhappy, irritable hags who have to complain about EVERYTHING other women do.

      • Ehm…what should I KNOW?

        Second, are you a men who’s been turned down by there “hags”, or are you a “hag” on your own?

        Because it sound really depressing coming here and aggressing other people for whatsoever reason that’s really not important..

  13. Your answer is really stupid. First, the picture is from when she was pregnant and since the baby was born she was seen out just once, second, can you give this girl a break?
    Maybe becoming a mum she matured.. And anyway having a chid at 25 isn’t always that easy, and she seems to be doing great..

  14. Camden is becoming popular for boys and girls! This isn’t the only comment Kristin has made about Nick and Vanessa naming their son Camden. She needs to get over herself and be more mature!

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