Victoria Beckham & Harper Rock The Big Apple

While in New York City for Fashion Week, mama Victoria Beckham made the most of her trip and treated her 1-year-old daughter Harper to a day at the Museum of Modern Art on Thursday (September 13).

The pretty pair went for a more casual look for their visit to MOMA. Victoria chose a simple black top and a pair of jeans while Harper was dressed in a cotton dress and went shoeless. Of course, she looked darling with her little hair accessory.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, it seems Victoria got her handsome hubby David Beckham to “have a word” with her former Spice Girls band mate Melanie Chisholm regarding why when she wasn’t asked to sing on the star’s new single I Know Him So Well.

“That is so funny! Yeah, Victoria’s not very happy with me, because I didn’t ask her – we did have a giggle about it at the Olympics,” Melanie laughs in an interview with Heat magazine.

“She even got David to have a word with me!” she adds. “When we were in the band, I sang a lot with Emma and our voices work really well together, so she was my first choice.”


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  1. When will people wake up and realise that this woman uses her baby like an accessory. She wouldn’t be toting one of her boys around this way, you didn’t see these many pictures of her sons when they were babies.
    I used to like her Victoria but Harper is always on the hip, dressed up, coordinated. I hope the little one rebels when she is old enough!

    • What the hell is this comment? She’s a mother who after having three boys finally has a girl and the fact that there are cameras to document her every move you make it seem like she’s a bad mother? There are millions of photos of her with her boys when they were younger, maybe not as much as Harper because you know, the whole paparazzi thing has gotten worse now? what do you want her to do, not carry her daughter?. So what Harper is always well dressed, what’s wrong with that? Stop acting so pressed.

      • She makes her seem like an accessory because she is always so well dressed and perfectly coordinated. She should sometimes wear normal baby clothes. As for the carrying her around on her hip issue I don’t know why everyone is so against that. It’s either she is in a stroller being pushed or carry her. I think i’d carry her around as well.

        • Seems like normal baby clothes to me. Things (baby clothes) have changed a lot in the past decade or so. I don’t see how that makes her a bad mother? Clearly she cares about Harper enough that she doesn’t just leave her with nannies while she’s working.

          • You don’t know what happens when she is inside a building doing work. Can you work with a baby? of course she has the nanny with her!
            I have watched several videos of this family and in all of them the nannies are with them. They are just walking behind giving them space.

      • Exactly!! The internet wasn’t as accessable and used NEARLY as much around the time the boys were young (plus her successful fashion career makes her even more desirable to the paps). Just because there aren’t as many pictures published doesn’t mean she cares for the boys ANY less.

        • That is not true at all. Her youngest son, Cruz, is the same age as Suri. You’re going to tell me that things are crazier now then they were when Suri was little? Not true. There are hundreds of thousands of pictures of Suri online. The paps haven;t changed that much in 6 or 7 years.
          The reason there are a lot of pictures of Harper are 1.) She is a girl. 2.) She is absolutely gorgeous. 3.) Her mother is Victoria Beckham . . .one of the most photographed woman in the world and one of the most fashion conscious celebrities. People want to see how she dresses her one and only baby girl. Any mother would tell you that dressing your girl is way more fun then a boy. The girls department in clothing stores are 1/4 the size of the boys section.

  2. Im sorry but that kid isnt cute, why is she overweight like that I know babies shouldbe chubby but that little girl is plain fat! and shes not cute.

  3. Doesn’t David has a niece the same age as Harper? It’s going to feel awful when they’re both 13 and one is filthy rich and gets all kinds of media attention while the other is lower/middle class.

    • Harper might come to a time where she’ll envy her normal, non-famous cousin, who can do whatever she wants without being on tabloids. Life is more than being filthy rich, you know, and those celebrity kids are born with all the things money can buy, but they will never have privacy. And that is something you cannot buy. Unless you hide yourself somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but even then, they might find you. They have boats and helicopters.

      I wonder how their teen years are going to be, of this new generation of celebrity kids.

  4. I think she is beautiful! I was going to say the exact opposite…. Seems like Victoria is a great mother. You never see that baby being carried by anyone other than her….and I am sure she has nannies around. I carry my son everywhere…that doesn’t make him an accessory…they are kids!

    • Have you ever actually seen her smiling at her child? Any of them?
      Have you ever seen her look any of them in the eye?
      Have you ever seen her laugh or point something interesting out to them?
      Have you ever seen her hug them?
      Have you ever seen her playing with them?

  5. Michelle – a 1yr old is not overweight. If she was skinny, you’d complain about that too. If you don’t think she’s cute, get your eyes examined and while you’re at it, your head.

    • Not everyone has to think she cute because you think she is and yes a 1 old year can be overweight were do you get that they can’t be.

      I personally don’t think she overweight, just a chunky baby.Lol

  6. Yes, Harper is cute and she’s a bit chubby which is totally alright for a baby! But I haven’t seen any pics of Harper and her mother playing at a playground together, i.e. jessica alba does. I’m just wondering if the moma or a fashion show is that interesting for a one year old.

  7. All those people that worry what sort of a life this child is going to have should worry that she’ll stumble upon websites like this when she is old enough and see people anonymously sitting behind a computer abusing a 1 year old baby for being fat and ugly.

    As for all those people saying that you never see Victoria playing with Harper, or the baby smiling, do you realise that paparazzi photographs document only a tiny part of their lives? Where a woman with a baby is surrounded by people shoving cameras in their faces?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion so here’s mine: Harper Beckham is probably a perfectly happy and healthy baby, with parents who appear to love each other and their four children very much. Always being dressed well is no form of child abuse, especially when you consider that her mother is a successful and respected fashion designer, and both parents are considered style icons by many. Just because you see photos of a baby at a museum, this doesn’t mean that she never plays. If you go to museums in any city in the world, you’ll see parents there with babies. How do you know how often she goes to the park, or how much she plays with other babies and her brothers?

    I think there are far worse things happening to children in the world than wearing a few pretty dresses and going on an outing to a museum.

    • She’s not fat. She’s totally adorable. And I don’t know how anyone can complain about how someone dresses their child….


      …. this woman is photographed multiple times per day. She is NEVER engaging with her child in any of them. In any way. Ever. There is definitely something wrong with that.

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