Jennifer Lopez: “You Never Want To Break Up A Family”

Jennifer Lopez talked about her divorce from Marc Anthony on last Friday’s Katie show. The singer and former American Idol judge explained she did put twins Max and Emme, 4, under consideration first.

Lopez, 43,  told Katie Couric, “You never want to break up a family. That wasn’t my dream. My dream was for us to always be together. But things don’t work out, and you feel like it’s the better choice. If I didn’t feel it was the better choice, I wouldn’t have done it, you know?”

As for co-parenting the former couple are handling it well. She stated, “We’re doing good with it. We love our kids and we have love for each other and we always will. We were friends from before and we’re friends now.”

She also talked about Casper Smart – who is 18 years younger than her.

“It’s hard for me to think of my age. I feel very youthful. And I feel very comfortable in my own skin. And it’s funny, until somebody brings it up, I don’t think we really think about it. We’re enjoying each other’s company and he’s a great support system and he’s great at what he does.”

As for marriage – she’s still up for it even after tying the knot three times before.

“I believe in love. I believe in marriage,” Lopez said. “I’m just trying to get it right, like everybody else.”



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  1. Hey where are the Ben questions ? She loved Ben and he gets her in all his pubicity..
    Asking that Gigli Questions and the Bombed relationship ..and 4 months after the
    Breakup Jlo married Marc Anothony .Brokeup his marriage, he had to get a fast
    Divorce .. So7 years later they get a and she is now doing the same
    Thing before Ben. Dating a Choreographer, hope she does not. Marry him 2!

    BEN SHOULD Be in this interview since her boyfriend is in it,

  2. The thing with her is, in my opinion anyway, she doesn’t strike me as a very logical person. I mean, honestly. Does she think she’ll be with this 25 year old forever? If not, she should have never introduced him to her children. In my opinion, it says something about her that she constantly needs a man in her life and is so quick to move on. That shows insecurity and she’s a grown 43 year old woman with two children and she really needs to get it together. I’m very unsympathetic toward her because although it’s sad a family ended, I feel like she does this to herself. That’s just me, though.

  3. Not so fast.. Not everything is Jennifer’s fault.

    It was in October 2003, when Marc and Dayanara announced plans to
    divorce (SOURCE: People ). Jennifer was still with Ben. The couple,
    also known as ‘Bennifer’, had just called off their wedding in September.
    A few weeks later, they met up in Georgia, and considered having a small
    wedding there, – until they found out someone was leaking it to the press.

    • I’m agree I’m not sure what went down between Marc and Dayanara but they were already having problems and I do believe they got divorce or separated before JLO showed up.

      I remeber watching a documentry on Mack before the second child came to be and Dayanara was not happy she wanted to work and have a life outside being Marks wife. Mark wanted her to be a good little house wife and he seemed very controlling towards her, I’m not surprised they split I think it would have happened any way JLO or no JLO.

      I do agree with everyone eles that JLO needs to grow up and stop jumping from man to man. Be a mother take care of her kids and find herself outside of being someone girlfriend or wife.

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